my advanture @ a hair salon

  • Anyone interested to know my special story?!

  • Hi leona,


    what was the story? u r m/f? age?

  • hi,u are girl,i dun hv interested to know ur story if u are girl how about let us make the story ad me

  • I am a girl. U student

    the story was about my experience @ a tiny one-man-band salon

    i used to wash my hair twice a week @ salon, of cuz i do wash myself at home too but mostly i would visit hair salon twice a week...not a steady one i keep changing depends on my mood and their services and price...

  • leona,


  • please tell the main stuff, don't bullshxt

  • i am not here to flirt with story is not only shared with guys but ladies, i want to know how the other ladies would do if that were me...really need some advice and discussion of what i should do next

  • ok, on Sunday, afternoon, those salon i wanted to go or i used to go were closed so i finally found somewhere that I have never tried and can help me to get my hair done b4 i went to a gathering at night,

    i saw a male customer was almost finished

    so i went in...and i saw the price was $50 with a cut

    so i decided to cut a lil bit

    he cut fast without wash my hair first

    after cut he washed my hair

    and he applied shampoo first

    then the conditioner

  • i think you guys should know nowadays many salon offer a massage while applying the hair conditioner right?

  • massage head lor...

  • $50 with cut?

    it is a big bargin my dear

  • yes used to be head only...or i lil at the back of the neck right?

    things were normal at the beginning but things changed

    he gave me very special massage and goes further...down to my back

    but it was still a massage i felt...

    i wondered what the hell was he thinking, even massage my back!?

    was it a massage or a sex harassment!?

  • but i think it didn't make any sense...he put those hair conditioner down to my back how to wash it?! and even make my Tshirt wet!?

  • sexual harrassment

  • but the point is that...i felt great...since rarely anybody has done such massage to me

    i am a young girl but my muscle is always tense all the time and so tired and needed to be massage too the way he slip and push his arm down under to my back was like an intercourse feeling: P

    and I feel very comfortable cuz of the hair conditioner as lubricant.

    anyone imagine the thing?! but i didn't make a noise or show anything on my face... i just keep closing my eyes and pretend to be nothing ...but in my heart keep guessing what's next and that

  • ha ha, sounds good

    you like massage?

  • no wonder he offers such good price...

  • i dun know if i like really depends on my feeling if i felt pain or too harsh or not comfortable i wouldn't like the way i don't have much experience of being massage especially my body

  • we stayed at that hair washing corner for almost half hour

    did he enjoy it too I wonder?!

    And if he does it cuz of sex why didn't he unlock my bra then?

    It was really strange but I didn't say a thing since then even when I left I just pay and leave.

    After this, I think of it sometime and I laughed at it…it makes me smile

  • this is the half of the story :P

  • what is the second half?

  • here i go the second half...i have been thinking about should i ever go to that salon again

    may be i should not ...if i go there which means i imply to him that i give permission for him to do that....anyway

    yesterday was my birthday

    But nothing much I was alone in the afternoon cuz my bf needs to work

    most of my dear frds are not in HK

    Wondering it’s my birthday I should have my hair done!

    So I wander around and select a salon after a lunch alone

    been thinking about the one i visited 2 days ago...wondering what would happen if i go in...due to curiosity i stepped in's a very special lil adventure i chose on my birthday

  • what happened then?

  • before i stepped in i was wandering around outside the door....and i saw him noticed me

    i can see him welcome me and he knows i need a hair washing right away

  • There was a female customer almost done

    So I just read some magazines and waited a bit

    After that he urged me to go to that hair washing chair


    he did the same thing 2 days ago so

    I thought he did this to anybody

  • hey, I need to go to a meeting

    please keep telling me about your story here or by e-mail


  • But things changed after 5 min.

    He started to move to my armpit

    And then breasts…then things went harder on and on

    It can be a breast massage…I guess it’s to uplift lol

    Then I got high my body became tense and I started to slide down the chair

    It’s totally abnormal

    Then he keeps adding the hair conditioner in his hand and rub me through

    Played and squeezed my nipples a bit

    I couldn’t stand no more it makes me wanna scream

    I got my head up and looked at what he is doing to me

    I didn’t dare to look at him in the eye

    My breath went faster and deeper

    That I think he should have noticed

    So he went further and further…

  • continue plz leona

    tht's a great and interesting story

  • Leona,

    ur story makes me have passion to run a saloon right now..

  • However a woman rushed in and asked him how long does she has to wait

    He said not that soon, may be an hour

    The woman doubted…and insists

    So he gave in

    Pause my hair washing left the hair conditioner on my hair with a towel

    Told me to sit and wait for him

    I wondered what’s the point that I have to wait for my hair washing done?!

  • exciting story

  • But I did as he said. I can see him rushed the woman hair…lol

    i almost laugh out when i saw him rush her hair like he is in a hurry

  • make me hard tin

  • After 10 min, we back to that hair washing chair

    He continue what he has done and this time goes even more exciting

    Since there is somebody else sitting outside…wonder if that woman knows it lol

    He makes me wet and he started to touch my whole body from the back to the front

    He bent his body and try to touch my pussy but his arm is barely long enough to touch

    So he grabbed my hand and push it into my pants he wants me to masturbate on his chair. Here I came…I think it’s enough…but he doesn’t think so, so he keeps doing it

    Further and further harder and harder

  • however, i just lay down there and being passive, like a kind of being raped feeling and on the other hand i cannot make a sound. tho i wanted to touch him too but I can't due to the sink between me and him

  • my dick is harder and harder while u wrote more and more..

  • this makes me think of the clip I watched yesterday.. a japanese girl went to massage, and the massager seduce the girl step by step and finally she is having sex with that guy.. so great!

  • I decided to end it... i push away his hand on my body to imply that i need to put this in the end

    cuz that woman has been waited for another half hour!!

  • So he blow dry my hair and keep looking at my face through the mirror, i don't dare have any eye contact with him, i don't like him staring at my face, so i just avoid looking at him, but that way would make us feel like i am shy/shameful/afraid of what we have done.

  • haaaaa~~~~~~

  • cool. thx for yr sharing.

  • then he started to chat with me treat me like a normal customer

    asking me "don't you need to work? can go salon wash hair always?" "i said it's summer holiday" "then he asked "what do you study" blah blah blah...started to get my details...

  • I answered him coldly...very short answer...and When it finished I paid him and he really did charge me the exact fee for hair washing $30

  • Leona,

    I think it is abnormal experience that you have and wonder why you don't think it is a problem as he did this to you. Maybe you enjoy so much then he keeps doing this ..... hhaha anyway, good experience and i wish i can be him ! haha

  • when he gave me back the changes...he pull his face next to mine and ask for my phone no.

    i smiled and left...that's it

  • Will you go there again? I think he is really looking forward to see you again and offer special service.

  • the most amazing thing is that didn't he fear me?! i can actually sue him or sending reporters/spy to his salon for his act

    anyway, may be he knows that i won't

    may be he has full confidence that i like to be treated like that by him that's why i repeatedly visited him

  • I thought I can contact him through his no. that I remembered from his name card

    I wanted to tell him that I am Leo and today is my birthday

    <But I failed to either I remember the wrong no. or his no. has been suspended…

  • sexman, if not necessary i think i won't go there i again haha

    i am sure that you are right he really look forward to see me again...however...i don't like to have such thing too frequently

    as it won't be that exciting has a certain extent right? once may be is enough... haha so that i will treasure and won't forget those moments hahhhaha