any lady morning bird here?


  • L morg, dear, thx for yr replied, :-) u will be my only one this morg if u willing to, :-)

    how come wake up so early this morg?? u alwys chat here??

  • That's fine....will u be my only one too? :p

    I slept early last night....can't sleep more now

    Why are you so early too?

  • dear, communication needs both ended, sure its work only as both we want to, :-)

    i used to wake up at 6 everyday, n i hv 3 more hrs rest today, haha, think its too late for me already, haha, quiet here so, hv a look n want some chat here :-)

    how abt u?

  • hi all

    good morning~~

  • hi

  • Morning Kako

    Mark,wow....wake up super early! What did you do during these 3 hours?

  • i slept 3:00am this morning.

    but i dont know why get up so early..


  • i m watching a DVD called shooter, i like the army kind movie, seldom relax at home so free, :-)

    then, wht u do in this early morg??

  • "shooter"....foreign or local movie?

    I woke up just an half hour...listening radio and surfing in net.

  • its a foreign movie which tell a snaiper has been set up during an action n how he make his revenge , sound nice, haha :-)

    u online once u wake up??/ is it yr habbit to chat here??

  • hi! I also wake up and cannot sleep again

  • um.....I may be addicted la.....I get used to browsing in net for 2 months...But I am not always chat in

  • that means u r a new fr here, rite?? female used to be excited being here as there r so many honey bees n sweet words around,hows yr adventure then?? hahaa

  • not yet bor...haha

  • so.....are you always here? And are you the old fan here?

  • i am a new member in here

  • sorry mark & L

    my eng not good.

    Can you read chinese word>?

  • i m here since last xmas as i broke with my gf in last sept, feel stuck that time n start to release n relax here, hahaa, whats a decent expression, rite? :-p ahahhaa

    then, anything here attracted u??

  • Kako...I can read Chinese...just can't type...hee hee

    Mark, oic......

    I go to many pages such as relationship, career, sport & horoscope....but they are quite except this page...haha....

    I just wanna find someone chat chat and may be make fds if possible.

  • good L.

    i think you are english only.

    how old a u & where u live?

  • Kako,

    I am not ABC. I am just lazy to learn Chinese typing. I am a local HK person. I am 3x & live HK island side.

  • wwwooooo.... u decide to make yr step here??? hahaha, but may remind u to think abt how far u want to go in yr mind, hahaha, sure guys here not just want to make frds here, hahaa, got my meaning?? :-)

    how special u feel in this page?? n what kind of frds u want to make with?/ :-p

  • your point :p...just try my luck then.

    Do you got any here?

    I dun think this page is special....many ppl look for sex, excitment, free lunch here....everyone has the right to choose her/his life style provided not to hurt others la.

  • hahahaa, yr words going to get funny n exciting, :-p ahhaha, seem u r letting u to float here naturally to see what might u get fr here, haha, anyway, slower yr step n chose the best one for yrself, :-P ahha

    may i be frank n direct, i met 3 gals here b4 respectively, i treasure to be with her during that time, hows yr story then?

  • well....did you meet them via sex page? how's going on with them?

    I just been here for several special stories so far....just chatted with some people and knew 1 gal fd. :P

  • L, what u think as a 40 big man like me?? just purely want to make frds here>??? just i can tell, we share in sincere at the very beginning, everything we did going with comfort, hahaha, just ppl dont want to last their relationship for long, anyway, we treasure our time,hahaa, did my words scare u?? hahaha

  • Mark....on the otherside, do u just look for sex then?

    are you the same ppl who dun want to have long relationhip?

    Big man means....???

  • big man means i m not kids anymore, i hv my experience. dear, thats leave u to judge whether i just want sex fr u, hahaha, as if sb spend time to know yr feeling n get u to bed comfortbaly, think there wont be any lose of u, hahahaha, just leave it as a joke anyway, :-)

    i guess ppl r going to search their life long partner fr anywhere in the reality, just see whether they can catch each others,i m expecting, :-)

    wht u r hesitating abt?? haha

  • any lady wana chat in msn?

  • actually, i dun have any information to judge you la...Is it necessary to judge? May be or may be not....Just wanna know if u would like to tell.

    Did u marry before? hestation in relationship so far :P

  • i m divorced 4 yrs ago, get messy relationship after divorced, n tried into 2 sreious relationship afterwards, seem like didnt work for certain reasons, anyway, i just want to free myself n as i said, see anyone can catch me again, haha

    as u can see fr my words, i m sharing here honestly n directly, cant u fee??

  • sure i think u could guess me fr my words if u r capable, haha,

    u can see the style we r sharing, who is more willing to tell?? hahaha

  • u have any kinds of relationship now?

    well...I am not sure whether I am capable to guess or not...try try..

    I am looking for ppl who can accompan, share with, going out with me on weekends.....

  • haha, just accompany on weekend?? the feeling sound like u r married or attached or sth u r busy in yr works, hahaha, anyway, why not if there is sb who can match yr requirement?? :-)

    i hv 2 lovely kids, they r having holiday abroad with their mother :-) maybe there will be deficient for their grow, anyway, we hv to take any consequence no matter u hv choices or not, looking forwards :-)

    u seem hv high requirement as u saty here for couple of time, but u still got nothing here?? :-)

  • It would be great if I can find the "match" person.

    At least, I knew a gal fd here. We hang out dinner, beach,,,,quite good :P

    I dun think I have high requirement......I can only say I am not looking for sex mainly.....depends on fate la....

    I am not the "playing" or "easy going" gal....I really can't have fun with different guys.

  • just keep yr mind, n nothing hv to worry abt, i can say, if there is sb can attracted u to bed, think u must be really be sweet n enjoy with him, so, why not? rite?? ahhaha, then, no need to emphasize on that, :-)

    so, just enjoy the time even just chatting like u n me during the time, :-) i can say, i dont like ons too, sex with communication even come more exciting, coz u r more willing to give rather than take fr others, haha,

    u like sunshine too?? i used to bathing under the sun on the beach too, so lovely environment, sound of waves, comfort sand, cold distilled water, snack, n papers, everything sound wonderful, :-) r u tan then?? :-P

  • yup yup....I like sunshine very much, very relaxing!! I like going to big wave bay and Shek O. But I am not tan............not easy to find accompany to go with me. My fds are afraid of sunshine...haha....I went to beach 3 times only in this summer.

  • wht??? hahahha, its funny, i used to go big wave bay when i was a kid, n willgo there every weeks,, hahahhaa, maybe we met there b4/ haha :-p i used to go there alone n with a light blue cloth on the beach, did u see that sweety guy b4?? hahahaahhaha,

    when u used to go then?? for me, weekday afternoon when i hv time, :-)

  • may be we met b4....haha

    I go to beach on weekends usually since I need working on weekdays.

    So, do u go to beach recently? Which beach you usually go to?

    Weekday afternoon is really a good time!!! Sure I would go if I was free on weekdays.

  • i go big wave bay when i was a small kid, i used to go there once ihv time in the afternoon, will hv noodle at "coke store" n hv my nice time there, :-)

    just went there 2 days ago, whats a silent beach, i m really tan now, :-P i will tell u next time when we meet next time, :-P hahaha, sure i can recognise u if u r attractive, :p ahhahaa, but seem not likey as i seldom go there in weekend, :-(

    tell me when u will be there next time, see whether we can meet there by fate ( sth artifical arranged meet, ahhaha )

  • haha.....then dun think you can recognise me...get it? :p

    I had been there on weekdays several months is really really good!! There's a cafe..I had a delicious tea in front of the beautiful scene....what a luxury life!!

  • hey, dear, just be confident n u can be even more attractive, hahaha anyone is perfect???? :-P

    sure, whats a luxuary life time, sth u cant buy with money, hahaa, ( thats a treasure for the poor like me, ahhaha )

    then, how u plan to hv yr luxuary life today??? chat here on the net with me?? :-P ahahaa

  • well...are you attractive then?

    Time is exchanged by is true.

    Is it luxury to chat with you here? ^^

  • think i m attractive for certain extent so far, as u r feeling not bad as u r here with me for the whole morg, ahhaha, rite?? :-p

    welcome to share how u want to testify whether u feel luxuary to chat with me, ahhahaa, just tell me yr mind, i m alwys encouraging, hahaa

  • certain extent means......??

    Your english writing is quite attractive to me......hee hee

    Chat with you is not luxury la......

    Any plan today?

  • as i say, no one is perfect, sure i wont say i m perfect exccellent, rite?/ ahhahaa, give myself a road ma, :-p hahahaa to what extent?? as yrself how i can gain yr attention then, ahhaha,

    be frank, i m not really good in acedemic in my childhood, ( not good even now too, hehe) just its ok as if we know what we r talking abt , :-P rite? but frankly, pity to know u just feel attractive comz of the english characters by not me myself, ahhahahaa

    still not yet plan for today, just take a break frist, n might be see a moive a bit later, how abt u>??? where u live then??

  • L,

    what kind of early bird u r? what kind of worm u r looking for?

  • at least.....your english is better than is good to me already.

    which movie you would like to watch?

    I live in HK island

    I dun have plan yet.

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