Early 30s man looking for serious life-long partner

  • I prefer a lady who is ...

    - 24-30, need not to be pretty but better look healthy.

    - Well educated, outgoing, clever and open minded.

    - Having a clear goal in her career but family oriented.

    - Mature and having certain experience in love affair.

    - Eager to start building up a happy family in a few years.

    It's never a easy task to find a suitable partner, yet there's nothing to lose giving it a try, I believe.

    If you dare to take it, let's talk in msn, for I am not going to disclose too much here.

    msn: shall.we.talk@hotmail.com

  • Hi, You can go to the following site. They hold some activities for singles. I know they have a coming speed dating dinner. You can go to have a look. The deadline is coming. Take action and best wish for you.