What is life?

  • I am very tired. My heart, my body, my mind, ... all are very tired. I want to rest. I want to sleep. I don't want to wake up. And I don't want to talk and see anyone. Life is so difficult, disappointing, painful ... and I don't want to continue.

  • 你有暗病?

  • Probably yes. I feel so weak. I want rest, a real rest that never need to wake up to face the cruel fact.

  • Rest is ok but don't escape. Everyone has his ups and downs. Be positive!

  • Add oil, thanks. But the road is so dark that I can't see any light ahead.

  • 活著是要等死

  • Sometimes life is a test...test your patience...

    Sometimes life is a challenge...challenge your self-confidence...

    No pain...no gain... 有危就有機...

    One thing is sure: life is full of hope...just depends how u see it...

    U will be stronger after the trial.

    Just remember: everyone has passed thro' many difficulties too...

  • life is ideally the continuation of love and blood you inherit from your parents. the joyful experience of passing on those good things you receive from those who love you.

    unfortunately, too many disfunct families nowadays

  • I have the similar questions as Black. How should one live one's life? What is the most important, yourself or your family? What should I look for in my life? Money, career, parents (I don't have my own family yet).

  • what happen to you guys? No target in your life?

    Money first, then family. This is my target in my life.

  • Life is just a process that everyone goes through. Each and every individual will experience different paths, whether its love, happiness, pleasure or pain the impact among individual differs. The only thing you might be able to control is how you want to live your life. Cheer up Black, you only live once.

  • 當你解決到面前一切煩惱, 咁你又會唔會想了結生命呢?

  • But do gender and age make the differenes in the attitude in life? Family or yourself first? Money, career or family?

  • Cheer up, Black. Close your eyes....while you sadness seems overwhelming, our planet have been flying silently in the space for millions of years. Comets, stardust and the sound from the outer space......Appreciate what we have experienced, good or bad. We have the opportunity to become a stronger or better person after experiencing difficulties. Enjoy your journey in life and don't forget to take a look at the scenary around. May good luck be with you always.

  • What if you put money on first priority and lost your money?

    What if you put family on first priority and lost your family?

    What if you put anything on first priority and you have lost it?

    What if you lost even your hope?

  • none

    you obvious have a difficult path in life

    but look on the bright side, you control your life, whether you want to risk things to have a better life is up to you. But it doesn't need to be that way, live a normal life and be happy may be.

  • Could I control my life?

    Could I control who I met?

    Could I control the drunken driver's car?

    deetee, thanks anyway

  • none

    rational optimism is the key, don't give up

  • 戴住個黑眼鏡去睇世界

    梗係咩都冇色彩, 黑媽媽啦



    倦了, 休息下囉

    不過, 休息既同時



  • Just don't give up.

    The author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" advised the audience two days ago in a talk show on CNBC to invest their time in themselves, namely, to equip with more money related knowledge. Why the money was lost and how to get it back?

    Losing someone close must be heartbreaking. Looking for reunion in heaven, pursuing their unfinished goals or leading a better life so that your lost one would not have worried about you may be some of the ways out....I believe there are other possibilities.

    whether a bad thing could be turned into a good thing depends on the thinking.

    hope may be substituted by something else? say, planning...yes, we could plan a little step, one by one, to achieve a little goal, one followed by another. Take it slowly, be patient, we can take things into our hand and make sure things happen, though it may take time.

  • hey guys

    why don't u read the book 'Sophie's world' to find out what life is n how the life should go on?

  • 你捨得留下心愛的另一半,就這樣放棄~?



    沒人知自己的未來~人生的意義可以是很多東西~還有能力去做到更多活到更多~都希望你可以加油~~ 祝福你早日過渡~開開心心^^

  • to me.. life is so insecure

    u will never know what'll happen in da next sec.

    sometimes, i do find my life is dull, tendious n full of obstacles

    sometimes, i do wanna die to get rid of all those dullness~~~

    still, i didn't choose this way...as i know when i'm still alive, i still have a choice for my life; however, once i die, nth can be restarted even i regret!!

  • 想多一秒


  • 要我譯一次ar? 唔係掛

  • 想多一秒

    was just teasing ya, hahaha

  • 我係話...生命對我黎講都係好一個謎


    有時, 我都會覺得我既人生好灰暗..沉悶...好多阻滯


    然而, 我無咁做, 因為我知道只要我還有生命, 我仍可以選擇如何走我的人生, 做錯可以重頭再做;

    相反, 若我死了, 就算我有幾後悔, 一切都無得重頭黎過...

  • oh my god....deetee...ijust did a stupid thing

  • hahahhahaha that was funny

    sorry i didn't mean it ...i am so sorry but it was funny

  • 想多一秒

    you can kill me now... i have no regrets

  • Fun乜鬼ar fun....玩人!

  • DT , let's move to another thread ... dun bother others here la...

    the atmosphere here is sooooo serious...

    we better go out n kid

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