looking for ABC/BBC guys

  • i was born in hk but brought up overseas, F30+ looking for serious relationship. I'm cute and dun mind younger guys but don't prefer hongkies. He must also be over 5"8, well built, sporty, educated and above-average looking. I like kids but don't prefer to hv my own, i dun mind divorced men with kids tho. If u don't fit the prerequisite, don't bother replying, no point wasting each other's time rite? i know it's quite unrealistic to find such a guy esp. from here but well, who knows?


  • American Born Chinese?

    British Born Chinese?

  • I thought you are either an ABC or BBC but then you are just another HKBC trying to pretend some ABC or BBC or CBC!

    Why are you so negative about HK people? And I think the word "Hongkies" is very very offending! Like calling a Black guy Nigger!

    There are many quality men out there who aren't ABC or BBC or trying to pretend they aren't from HK.

    Tell you what sweety given the stuff you have said up there, either you have the quality of a model, just being cute has no selling point!

    A dog can be cute!


  • Malcome , you are the man !

  • haha just curious if i'd meet your prerequisite since I am a so-call hongkie but was born in california.

  • hi...kawaii.

    do u enjoy your job and life now

  • Dear Mal & others,

    I’m just listing my requirements and dunno why u guys overreact. First, “hongkie” is politically neutral, just like “gwailo”, but “nigger” is offensive. I’m a hongkie too. Everyone has preferences, I don’t prefer hongkies doesn’t mean I disparage them. I’m sure u guys have your own likes/dislikes – e.g. If u prefer tall and tanned gals but I’m short and white, can I be mad at u? As I said if u don’t fit my criteria don’t bother replying, u’ve nothing to lose if u think I’m just doggy cute. If u wanna show that u are a quality-hongkie, pls stop whining like a child, my dear.

  • will u consider younger guy for a casual relationship?

  • a discrimination thread, repost to the office of fair opportunity

  • you come to a HK site asking for non-honkies,

    do you go to Macdonald's and order for a dish of fried rice?

    u r hilarious

  • love2day,

    emm, actually u are quite rite, i think this is the wrong place to look for non-honkies... i'm a new member here so really don't have a clue...