why would guys just disappearred without a word?

  • What kind of behaviour is that?

  • not answer phones, email, sms.... it's just unbelievable.

    1. coz he has 趙'ed you. after 激情, it's time for him to leave

      2) coz you don't let him 趙 you after a bit 激情, he's not going to spend further time/effort on you just for 趙 you, he got better things to do with the time.

  • oh so it's all about 'chiuing'

  • tell us more about your story so that I can confirm that's really the case.

    1) how long have you two been together? (first meeting to last meeting)

    2) got sex? how many times? if not, had he suggested? and what's your attitude?

    1. 2 months

      2. no. no. attitide open.

  • dun know

    識左2個月都冇同你上床?.....一係佢有問題, 一係就係你拒絕過或者佢覺得你唔會同佢上床.

  • 上床 is what all guys want?

  • 咁個過程激唔激情 (感情上,唔係行動上)?定係淡然個隻?

  • quite 激情.

    maybe he met someone else. ???

  • 上床 is what all guys want?



  • dun know


    唔一定係為性而同你一齊, 佐2個人係一齊2個月都未上過床就少有囉...

  • please read the post 我恨透了男人

  • please read the post 我恨透了男人

    by evil2

    其實呢條 thread 好有問題,佢只係因為自己預到既不幸遭遇所以就講曬所有男人..



  • so anything i can do?

    shall i just let him go?

  • He does not care about u, u are of no more value to him. Better let him go as soon as possible and find a better guy.

  • well... actually i dont mind to let him go, cos i dont think im in love with him yet, just getting to know each other. Just wondering why would a decent guy (appears to be decent, and decent from my judgement so far) would behave like an axxhole.

  • Of course, nothing strange

  • agree with evil2: He does not care about u, u are of no more value to him

    dun know, don't you still understand that it's his "decent feel" that made you feel loving/liking him?

    you thought you were smart enough to pick this guy "ar, he's a decent guy, i know, i won't pick other axxhole-liked guy, i know how to choose, i'm smart this time"

    if he loves you, he'd stay with you. unfortunately, he doesn't love you, not even need you. so, you can do nothing but go away, or let him go.

  • He does not love u or even want to bed u. Forget him , let him be out of sight and out of mind.

    Agree with Coda too, u think u r too smart. U r 'Um Gum Sum'.

  • so you're saying that a guy would be decent to someone he loves and otherwise if he doesnt love the person? That's just .. how to say it... pretentious, not real decent.

  • dun know, in your world, things are either black or white?

  • hey, just curious, are you two girls?

    i wonder if there will be guys to share their mind.

    i'll let him go, and i wont feel any loss cos he doesnt behave up to my standard.

  • the real decent guys are usually boring and dull. I don't think there are many women who really like a truely DECENT guy. ;-)

    we all need a balance, being witty (usually comes with a little bit evil) and decent. do you agree?

  • I'm a man.

  • Whether he is decent or not is irrelevant, u r not his cup of tea in any sense. Please wake up.

  • well... actually i do feel a bit loss cos i think we could at least be friends.

    Yeah, my world is pretty much black and white, i try to keep things simple.

  • Evil2, thanks, im well aware of that fact.

    coda, surprise! Well, i dont think real decent guys are boring and dull, at least not my friends.

  • "agree with evil2: He does not care about u, u are of no more value to him "

    interesting point. What value could a girl bring to a guy? sex? what else?

  • coda, are you saying that a guy would appear to be 'decent' to court the relationship? That means a girl can never know... only time can tell, right?

  • dun know, your friends won't show you the evil or dark side. coz their identities are your friends. sigh.

    if they go meet some other gal who's got no connection to their own lives , the guys might show the evil side..

    有好多人覺得網上既人點點點,其實咪又係 real life 個班人。佢地係 real life 你估夠膽咁放任咁去做 d 呃人感情既野?唔驚傳下傳下比識得自己既人知?名都醜曬喇。所以 real life 既朋友個個都盡量表現自己係大方,好人,唔計較,誠實,etc.

  • If u still want to be friends with him, u can give him a call to see how he responses.

    Values? It's varies from person to person and it could be many things.

  • in short, if a guy doesn't have to worry about any consequences, he's more easily to show his dark side..

    but in real life, or even on the net, we usually have to 顧下後果. 呢 d 諗多一步後果往往令 d 人唔敢亂來,都係做返個 "好人"

    所以,到世界末日個一日,妳會見到好多妳諗都諗唔到既場面.. 當然,可能我地呢世都唔會見到世界末日。touch wood :-)

  • dun know,最緊要係,唔好被之前不快既經歷影響到妳日後對人既態度,開放自己,比 d 信心自己,比信心對方,但要令對方清楚知道自己係認真既,咁樣其實好多時被人呃既機會駛 d 添。

  • coda, thanks for your detailed explanation. I bet that's true. I for myself dont behave differently on net or in real person, i must be really dull and boring then... lol.

    evil2, he's not picking up my calls. Maybe i shall give him some time.

    please elaborate on 'values'. thanks.

  • U may not want to see ur friends' dark sides, hehe...

  • coda, thanks. It may not affect me much for im not madly in love with him, and im too stuborn and sticking to my own values/principles. Besides, i still think he's a good person, someone i wanna be friends with.

  • values are needs

  • dun know, i understand. I'm not saying he's not someone who's not worth to be a friend with too.

    每個人都有佢地既好同唔好之處,無人係絕對既 "好人" 或 "壞人",只會係唔同人前展露唔同一面時先可以講..


  • Evil2, what kind of needs? other than sex?

    因為呢個人基本上對我無乜影響 - oh im talking about him long enough, i guess he is someone important to me at this moment. Maybe i shall give myself some time too before im friends with him.

  • dun know,而家個問題唔係妳想點,而係佢想唔想要妳,無論係做朋友或者點。

    if he doesn't need you, he doesn't even want to keep in touch with you. 最多 maybe only 名義上既 "friend"

  • dun know,唔好勉強自己,更加唔好勉強人地。如果對方係有 d d 珍惜妳既,妳會好自然地感受得到。咁妳而家感受到 d 乜野呀?成日話比時間人地.. 其實妳又有無諗過.. 佢需唔需要妳比既時間呢?


  • coda, very true. Probably i wanna be friends with him cos he's offering what i want from a friend. And he's cutting me off cos he doesnt get what he 'needs' from me.

    I have better picture now. thanks you guys.

  • may i know how old u r?

  • Evil2, im not telling you, afraid that you'll say im mentally retarded at my age. lol..

  • Coda,


    �鶷{實生活中, 自己有些事情係唔敢做的(e.g. 識女仔, 因為怕比人拒絕 ^^"). 但在網上世界裡, 自己會變得大膽, 因為見到好多人都做緊同樣事情.

    Internet就像一把兩面刃, 如果用得悉而, 會令人瞭解到自己弱點並學習到如何改進. 反之, 它會令人脫離現實 ...

  • dun know,

    what do u expect from a frd?

  • A friend is someone to spend time with, someone to talk to, either with same topics or common interests and feel comfortable with each other.

  • He is just not that into u, okay?

  • Evil2, ok ok got it. I assure you i got that message.

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