Am i ok? (female problem)

  • Hi,

    This morning when i woke up, my tummy hurt. so i went to the washroom twice. i thought i had diarrhea (i sometimes have this problem), so i took a pill. but then in the afternoon, when i went to pee, i found that there's a little bit blood coming out. well my period ended a few days ago and i did drink some 'leung cha' at the end of my period cuz i was 'hot gas'. 

    so is it possible that it's still my period? or i have a health problem? have u encountered this before? i'm just afraid that it's not period but i have some other health issue. Thanks!!!

  • Hard to say. Take a photo of your vagina and send it to me, I'll have a look at it..

  • you're crazy and stupid. Do sth more useful other than messing around here.

  • Maybe UTI ( urinary tract infection) ?! Lower abdomen? ( bladder)

  • do u feel pain when u pee?

    if yes, it should be 尿道炎

    if not, then i dunno what is it

    but both answer suggest you to see a doctor if you continue like this

  • why don't 睇醫生?

  • 可能係STD (sexual transmitted disease)

  • STD 會成個 vagina 痛/癢...並生一 lup lup 野

  • 喂﹐樓上咪昆9人啦﹗唔係所有STD都會生粒粒架﹗亦未必一定痛架﹗例如CHLAMYDIA。

  • thx for those who really helped.

    i went to see the doctor today. the doctor said that i should have urine infection. but my stomach problem (indigestion) did confuse me for having some other problem. after all, i never had urine infection before but i always have indigestion problem. so i was worried the blood maybe cuz of that too.

    sigh... but the doctor asked me to check again for my indigestion problem later. she said that there may be some bacteria in my stomach... :(

  • it happened to me once when i took a diet medicine

  • 1,

    oh really? did you mean indigestion? i guess maybe those diet medicine affected you. u know what, i have indigestion since i was a kid... don't know why.

  • Help!

    Have u checked if u have helicobactor in your stomach. ( blowing in the tube test )?

    If not treated, may give u stomach ulcer gar wor.

  • passwerby,

    i haven't tried that? what's that? what's the symptom of 'stomach ulcer'? usually when i went to the doctor before, they only gave me some medicene and asked me to avoid eating sth (sometimes they dont even say this).

    btw, my doctor hasn't tackled my stomach problem yet. but she gave me some 'purple pills' samples which seem to be very good. actually they have a website (e.g. avoid what to eat/ some receipes) which teaches you how to avoid having the stomach problem too.

    if you have similar problem as mine, u can go to that website and look under 'healthy living', there's some good info there.

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