seeking lady for chat

  • hi.. i am in office now . 

    Anyone can chat with me now?

  • Morning

  • good morning Linda,

    you are so early ..

    i am in office now .. but alone and boring.. how about u ?

  • I am homne

  • today is holiday .. why wake up so early ??

    what is ur plan today ?

  • I use to wake up plan for today, you?

    what is your job? whn work on holiday?

  • i wake up early too..

    I am working in shift duty ,.. that's why i am in office now .

    It is raining and shining all the times... seems so blue , right?

  • yes, so dont want to go out... rain suddenly

  • Linda,

    Are you alone now??

    I am

    Apart from browsing SHE , what are you doing at the same time?

  • nothing

  • Linda,

    someone told me that i can find sp here.

    But i still wonder whether there are girls seeking for that .

    how do u think ?

  • Man35,

    I wonder if you wanna find a girl to chat or look for a sp.

  • hi Precious and Linda,

    I am sorry for misleading you.

    I was just asking question about the unknowing fact.

    Well, to be honest, i don't think i can play this kind of game.

    For me, sex is not for play

  • Hi linda,

    Jus see if you are interested to go out for a ride today?

  • Man35,

    ok. That means u wanna chat with girls only.

    It seems to me that there are many girls and guys seeking for sp/sl in the this forum. It depends on whether you want it or not.

  • hi Precious,

    Thx. I want to chat only .

    well.. i jsut wanna know what the other girls and guys thinking..

    it's ok, if u like to switch the topic..

    Pls pick one for me..

  • Man35,

    actually I'm open to any topic. Any special topic you wanna chat?

  • good morning, it's a beautiful day

    any plan for today you guys and gals?

  • linda, still here?

  • Wittgens,

    Morning, wake up so early wor.

    It seems that the weather is good now but the weather report states that occasional rains today.

    I've no plan where to go, maybe going for movie.

    Yesterday I watched Diehard 4. It was good though.

  • hi Precious,

    maybe i pick one.

    We both browse this Well, in case we meet a good chatmate and feel clicked,

    do u think that you will meet this guy ?

    and further develop with him?

  • precious - unpredictable weather shows me how a lady has to be well taken care of... ;-)

    oh really? i love die hard series indeed, though it tells my age. but this is a well casted series, especially i love the christmas background

    i just wonder if i can find the right lady to go watching with me soon ;-)

  • Precous ... so where you really want to do today?

  • Man35,

    I've no idea if I will do that. In my past experience, I did meet 2 guys after chatting for a long time. 1 guy was crazy so I didn't talk to him anymore.


    Oh, you don't have a gf??? Any 心儀? Try to date her lor.


    I really have no idea what I'm going to do today. At the moment, I'm chatting in and looking for jobs.

  • crazy about u ??

    or just behaved crazily ?? i dun think that a guy CAN behave crazy in the public area, right?

    are u jobless now or just seeking for a better one ?

  • precious - i don't have any target yet... how about your case, pal?

  • Yup. After we met the 1st time, he kept on calling me/chatting with me in ICQ.


    Oh, sorry. U should look for one then.

    For me, I have a bf.

  • precious - lucky you... so what have you planned for you two today, sweetie?

  • Man35,

    I'm jobless and looking for a job.

  • precious,

    this is a poor experience. Guess that you will not meet any guy , right???

    and.. you play icq???

    it seems to me that icq is the thing in my teenage time,... old-fashioned


  • Wittgens,

    thx! I don't know, let him decide lor.


    Yes, it was a bad experience. I didn't see that guy anymore.

    Yes, ICQ became my history too. I removed the ICQ from my computer long time ago. I'm using MSN.

  • cool enough, men have to be decisive

  • Wittgens,

    I don't want him to 太千就我 to go anywhere that I wanna go. I give him a chance to go to a place that he wants to. hahaha

  • i think ppl are getting easier to search for friends in net nowadays.

    There are lots friend-finder webpages for them

    Pics are attached...

    Anyhow, the character and the living habbit has to be understood for a rather longer contact time

  • i think you two have developed some common interests so that those things that he likes are exactly what you like too... that's kinda perfect

    without this development, the relationship will go to some embarrassing situation

  • Mans,

    Yup. It did take me long time to chat with ICQ friends in order to know them more.

    It's true that there are many people using different websites to find net friends. Sometimes it is good cos' one can share his/her experience.


    We do have common interests. Sometimes I wanna him to make decision and I think most guys like it, right?

  • well, yes and no - dependent upon the guy

    i rather discuss and negotiate with my gal, if i have one

  • hi precious,

    May I know your age and your job before??

    well, it's okay if u dun like to disclose the personal details

  • Wittgens,

    that's true. Some guys want to make decision every time, some guys are hesitating in making decision. For me, I want my bf to be balanced. Unfortunately, he always wants me to make decision because he wants to appreciate me. That's why I try to let me decision occasionally. This is the way we treat each other.


    Ha ha ... age is my secret wor ...

    I'm in sales & marketing field.

  • I guess that you are in my age- group

    that's why u join this thread, right? heheh

    sales and marketing field.

    well you must be a confident and talkative girl

    are u in the long vacation now ?

  • Ha ha ... I don't know your age-group wor. Mind to tell me???

    Depends la ... sometime I hv confidence but ...

    Yes, I like to meet and talk to ppl. That's why I persue my career in this field.

    How abt u? What do u do?

    Yes, I'm on vacation for a while la ... very enjoy

  • look at my alias!!!

    I am working in human resources management. Dealing with the difficult inter-personal problem.

    Do you like travelling ??

  • Oh, your name has implication ... ha ha ha ...

    ic ... I know that it's not easy to handle people.

    I don't understand why you have to work shift if you are in HR.

    Yes, I like traveling very much. How abt u?

  • oh shift duty ..

    well, before, i dun wanna explain too much about the details of my job .

    but now , i should tell that .. i work with the job interview arrangement now. and also doing some filing work in office as there will be a group interview in the early morning tomorrow .

    I love travelling too. Planning to travel to Spain in the coming Sept

    how about u ??

    where do u like to go in your next travelling?

  • hi Precious,

    I leave now. Nice chating with u.

    Hope one day we can meet in here again

    see you. Have a nice holiday

  • Man35,

    ic. Hope u can find appropriate candidates to join the company la.

    Nice to hear that u also like traveling. Where have u been to?

    I've been to Japan, Thailand, Thailand, Canada (Toronto & Vancouver), US (Las Vegas, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida, & New York), Philippines (Manila and Cebu), Taiwan, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, & Australia. That's all I can think of.

    Spain is one of my dream places but I don't know when I will go there. I also wanna go to Greek for honeymoon if I have a chance.

    Hope u have a wonderful holiday too ... chat with u later.

  • hi precious ,

    meet u again

    i just finished shower and watching tv now. are u here ?

  • forget to answer your question:

    I've been to a lot of places..

    let me rank them according to my preference. They are South Africa, Italy, Australia, Russia, Switzerland and Japan.

    umm not so interest in Mainland China and SE Asia at all

  • Man35,

    Woo, how's South Africa and Russia? For me, I won't go to South Africa cos' of safety. I love Russia too but not my priority plan to go there.

    I like part of Mainland China but never plan to go there cos' of safety too ... For SE Asia, I love Thailand very much.

  • i'd better tell you that South Africa is a secure and well-developed country. PPL there are rich and relaxing. Similar to Australia or Switzerland. If possible, i wish i can retire there.

    If you love history, architechure and palace, Russia is a must. Only the St.Petersbury can open wide your eyes.

    Thailand's Spa and massage is what i long for ...