misunderstanding between my husband and me

  • My husband was doing something in New World Mobility while I went to do something else. I assume that I would come back and meet him there but then he came to find me. Somehow we missed and cannot contact with each other since I forgot to bring my phone. If you were me, will you stay at New World to wait for him? We had a row since he believe that I should have stayed there to wait but I didn't know where he had gone, so should I wait?

  • go home la

  • tt - 06/29/07 20:44

    If you are a child, you should stay where you are. If you are an adult, there's no definite answer. It's not meaningful to say I think you know that I'll wait or I think you know that I'll find you, unless you have agreement before.

  • If it was me, I would do the same thing of going back to New World to look for my husband and I would wait for a while than may be ask to borrow a phone to call my husband.