Shame on HA and Mr. Shane Solomon!

  • With regard chain of events in Hospital Authority, Ms. Shan Solomon had acted irresponsibly and insensibly to the frontline staff.  He mentioned ' he should speak on behalf of his senior staff,' as he is selfishly protecting for his and their interests (which they are paid at least around $200K - $300K).  This is an absolute shame for a non-doctor to speak in such a manner and it produces alot of frustuation and anger amongst frontline doctors (which their best interests are not looked after).  Frontline doctors are already facing a mounting pressure from patients (which are becoming more critical than ever before, but some being unreasonable and abusing the Patient relations office).  The other sad part which concerns frontline doctors are with regard to their current employment terms (on contract).  The Hospital Authority does not realize this is also a main cause for doctors swapping and leaving their jobs in the middle of training.   Moreover, the hospital authority employs an authoritarian and 'kiss the seniors' ass attitude', which give rise to doctors who are not competent in their clinical skills, but rather, in kissing seniors' ass.  This is absolutely shameful that a bunch of doctors who attempted to work for the good of the patients are forced to leave as they do not and will not kiss the ass of those seniors whom have neither concern or for the welbeing of patients.  Shame on HA and Mr. Shane Solomon!

  • All doctors should come on the march on 30/06/2007!

  • fully support ur view A doctor !

  • Michelle...are u a allied health staff?

  • Thanks for all frontline doctors' support on the March on 30/06/2007. We WILL (not shall, as we are determined!) take further industrial action if Mr. SHAME Solomon does not show any guilt nor SHAME he brought to HA. Same also to Dr. Wu!!!!