Why some people like to criticize both Hong Kong or Chinese women?

  • I think we should all respect women both from Hong Kong or China. We are all the same.

  • Hope no body criticize my grammer. I admit that I have grammer mistake sometimes.

  • I think man and women should be equal. Both man and woman should work and earn money, so they can pay all the expense in the family. It is too hard for just man or woman work to support one family nowaday. I think both woman and man have fair responsible to look after kids and do house work.

  • Some man and woman should stop to remind traditional ways of thinking because it is not situable nowaday in this world. First of all, man should not expect woman can be a slave for them or their family either married or in a relationship. In the traditional thinking, to be a good wife, woman need to do all the house work, stay home to look after kids and husband's parents and even husband brothers and sisters. Woman can not work and have to stay home, so woman usually have no finacial income from themselve and they need to depend on the husband. Woman did a lot of work for free in the old time, even though it is happen nowaday. ...to be continued

  • In the old time, woman just work hard for free and also get pressure from husband's famile members. These people push pressure to woman because some of them want to use her as a slave for their family and give her less freedom to do somethings she like. After woman got married, their husbands think their wife belong to their family and use her. Of course, no body want to work as a slave. Some woman's parents do not care so much to their daughter after they got marry. In the old time or nowaday, woman usually try to be a good wife.