My frist IUI .....

  • Hi all sisters, just to share my experience of IUI.....
    I am 29yrs, and already married 4.5yrs la.....but we still can not have any BB during the last 4 yrs.
    Because this July I am 30 yrs old I went to see a chinese doctor last year and have treatment around 9months, my body get better after drinking the chinese herbs tea every days and spent almost $3000 per month.....but I still can not have bad feeling to me and try to give up.....

    After that, I talk to my mother-in-law about my case, don't want her to guess why we did not have baby for long time. Then she introduce a good doctor to me, and after all the U/S and blood test. The doctor introduce me to another doctor 梁啟文醫生 which specially in 不育, so I know I need to face it and before I don't believe that I am in that sector.

    After visit 梁啟文醫生, he is very good experience and nice. So I did my first IUI last week, and waiting for result now......although I don't know I will be bingo or not, still have hope and try to relax myself. If fail this time, do it next month. I set that as my target and mission......hahahhah

    Hope all sisters have baby soon and relax....your baby will come to you as a gift from god.....

  • 我同你差唔多呀個case, 我剛剛5月過左30歲了, 結左婚差不多4年都未中. 23/5剛做左iui, 而家等緊result. 希望我同你一齊有好消息吧!

  • Hi Melody.

    I have my IUI on 26/5, and will have result on 13June.

    Good luck to both of you & me la......

  • 我都是25/5做iui,12/6有結果。不過,我的期望不是太大,因現在已有少許肚谷谷的感覺,似是m到。但是,都希望大家能夠成功。

  • Hi mimi.....I don't feel anything wor....and my temp. still in 36.9-37.

    But today when I go to toliet, have some blood.....but not M wor....I went to see doctor, he said is not M, and seems OK////sp worry now

  • 近日兩天又好似無之前咁谷。其實是不是在下次見醫生時無m就是bingo呢?

  • Hi Mimi,

    how is your feeling these few days? I am so exciting and waiting for next Wednseday, my doctor ask me call back if my M not come on 13June.....

    how about you?

  • 近日都有少少肚脹脹和分秘都幾多,都唔知是否m前的分秘,不過現在都是平常心,唔好比自己咁大壓力,如果今次唔得,就會去旅行輕鬆一下。 如果我12/6前m到,就要cancel booking,如果12/6m無到,就見醫生,所以是不是個日見醫生就知有無bingo?

  • 可否解答一下,什麼是IUI

  • hi mimi and merrychristmas,

    i did my second IUI on 31/5.

    now it's waiting for the result!! i really hope i will get pregnant this time... and i feel very stressful these few days. when i think about i might need to start all over again.. i wanna give up!! it's very frustrating!! sighhh

  • Hi Mimi,

    Same as you, I need to go and see doctor on13/06 if M not come, if M come, I will do my second time of IUI, then go to my Holidays on 29/06, just relax myself a bit......

    Hi Sillybee,

    Don't to worry la, hope you can bingo this time, and do you feel anything these few days> and when you need to check for bingo?

  • Hi merrychistmas,

    i will have to check it on 15/6.

    i felt cramping and bloating at first 5 or 6 days after i done iui. and my breasts hurt a little bit these 2 days(but usually b4 my period, i will get the same feeling.. so don't know)

    how about u?

  • Hi Sillybee,

    I don't feel anything special, even M come feeling. I will try to check tmr morning, and see if there any result.....hahhaha....but normal is no result.

    So I hope I can pass the day of 13/06, so check with the doctor.

    Good luck to you & Mimi, hope all three of us can bingo la.......

  • Hi merrychristmas,

    have u checked?? any good news?? i hope u can bingo this time!! :)

    i don't think i can bingo this time... i sort of feel like my period is coming.. sigh

    cheers!! ^_^

  • This morning no result, but my tempature still 37 this morning.

    How about you? Don't give up, may be you can bingo lei....

    Cheers up

  • merrychristmas,

    i haven't checked it yet. cus i am supposed to check in 15/6... i don't know we can check it early ga. :)

    and if i check few days early.. would the result be accurate?

    cheers! ^_^

  • May I know how much you spent on IUI? I have tried for over one year and just referred by my Gyne dr. to a fertility dr... The Gyne Dr. suggested me to do the IUI. Could you give me some idea about the procedures? (I haven't seen the fertility dr. yet) Starting from the first consultation with the dr. Thanks a lot.

  • M came this morning. I feel disappointed. I cancal my tomorrow booking and book another appointment for checking 輸卵管.

    Merrychristmas, Do you check the 輸卵管 before doing IUI? is it painful? I hope you have a good result on Wed.

  • Hi Mimi, don't give up la....try next time...yes ar, I do the 輸卵管 checking before my IUI, and no problem, my doctor just said my eggs is not good enough by natural, so after took a few injections. Then he did the U/S for me, I have 3 eggs ready for this IUI. Hope I can have BB this month la....

    You too ar, don't give up and try next month. How many time you did IUI?

    Hi Sillybee, yes ar, some ppls. said if you check early even 1 day, it won't show the result. I am waiting tmr and's so long to pass one day when you waiting for result.

  • Hi Money & CC, I spent about $8000 per one IUI. But not including blood test & checking 輸卵管. Depends on what the doctor want you to check, each ppls is different.

    For more IUI information, you can go to this web:

    Good Luck

  • merrychristmas,

    i just checked this morning.. nothing happened!!! guess i am not going to bingo this time lah!! :(

    anyways, talk later. at work now!

    cheer up ladies!!! ^_^

  • This is my first time to do IUI. I will check 輸卵管 next monday. If my 輸卵管 is OK, I will do IUI next month. I think my egg is not very OK. Even i take the injections and pills, i only have one egg ready.

    Good luck, to all.

  • merrychristmas,

    i hope u will bring the good news to us on Wed!!!!!! good luck!!!!! ^^

    Hi mimi,

    this is my second time iui lah.. waiting for the result (15/6). but i checked this morning.. nothing happened!! sigh

    don't worry too much.. :) relax.. relax!! hope u will bingo!!! :)

    cheers! ^

  • My date is tmr, although doctor ask me go back and check tmr. But I will check myself tmr morning, if no result, wait until Sat!

    Just don't want to waste time go to the clinic and with no result as well.

  • Hi merrychristmas,

    today is your big day wor!! what's the result? any good news?? really hope u are bingo!!!! :)

    how about other ladies??

    cheers!! ^_^

  • Hi sister,

    I have been trying to get pregnancy for two years but nothing happen. Also, I failed the first iui in last March. This cycle I did the HSG test and the result is normal so doctor recommend me to have my second iui as soon my M come. However, today is Day 36 (cycle 31-35) but M still hasn't come yet, hopefully M will come soonest. If the second iui fail again I will go for IVF.


    I think you got your result already, any good new?

  • My M just come, I'm going to have my second iui end of this month.

  • Hi cobb,

    i did my second iui in 31/5... still waiting for the result. i am supposed to check it on Fri (15/6). but i can't wait.. i checked it on Tue. nothing happened! i think i am going to check it tomorrow morning. i just want to know the anwser so that i can get back to my normal life! it's been killing me this 2 weeks!!

    (well, i don't think i will bingo this time. i feel like my period is coming.. sighhh)


    hey.. we are waiting for the good news ah!! :)

    cheer up ladies!!!

  • Silly,

    Don’t give up too early, you still have chance unless M come, try to relax and check it again on Friday will more accurate, awaiting for your good news.

    Silly, where did you do your iui? Who is your doctor? I will have my second iui with Dr. Tung.

    Good luck!

  • Hi cobb,

    i did it at Union Hospital ah.. by Dr Chow.

    but after i read so many sisters thread in this forum.. i am thinking to change to Dr Tung ah! is she really better ah? cus my mom told me that choose a good doctor is the most important thing in our situation ah!

    can u give me some adivce? thanks! and good luck to u too!! :D

    cheer up ladies!!!

  • Hi Cobb & sillybee, ayi........I think my M is just come, I went to toliet, and have some brown thing come out. Why everytime is like this, when you want to check, it just came. Kill me la......

    Then I can go to my holidays and do my second IUI before the holidays.

    Wait for your good news Sillybee......

  • merrychristmas,

    sorry to hear that!! but don't worry.. try next time!! this was your first iui. the good thing is u knew the answer and u can get back to your normal life. enjoy your holiday lah!! :D

  • Merrychristmas,

    I am sorry to hear that. i know your feeling. Don't worry. Relax!!


    I did IUI by Dr Chow also. i think she is nice.If change to see Dr Tung, Is it wait a lot long time?

  • mimi,

    i don't know ah.. never seen Dr Tung b4. so i wanna ask other sisters advice lor..cus i know lots of them are seeing/have seen Dr Tung ah..

    when did u have your iui ah? good luck ah!!!

    cheer up ladies!!!

  • Hi Mimi & Sillybee, Let say I start my second IUI, but I will go to holidays on 29June, that mean I can not take the support injections? or I can bring the injections and do it myself?

    If doctor not allow, I can not do it this month, need to wait until next months la..........

  • Silly,

    I’m not sure whether Dr Tung or Dr. Chow is better, I only know that Dr. Tung was the senior doctor in infertility division of Princess Margaret Hospital and she is very experience in IUI / IVF treatment. Dr. Tung is very nice and she always answers your questions patiently.

    However, Dr. Tung got load of clients, if you are new registrant, you have to wait 3-4 months to get to see her in clinic. As I know, if you make an appointment in Union would be much faster than clinic (probably 1-2 months), you could phone to Union or clinic to get more information.

    Today, I started my second iui treatment, I have to take 排卵藥 once a day and go back to clinic for u/s on Monday, if everything goes smooth I will have my treatment end of June hopefully.

    There is the telephone of clinic: 27221712 (TST) / 26032123 (Shatin)


    I know that you can do the injections by yourself but you have to do the u/s every 3-4 days, you could get some advises from your doctor.

  • cobb,

    thank you so much!! i will phone Union hospital tomorrow to make appointment with Dr Tung. cus i need to phone them to tell them the result anyway(the result of my second iui).

    i checked this morning.. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nothing happened!!!!!! and i got lower back pain all night long last night!! didn't sleep almost. guess my period is coming!! it's sooooooooo frustrating!!! i don't even want to check tomorrow. cus i know nothing gonna happen.

    why can't we get pregnant??? why those teenage girls got it so easily?? but they never cherished!!!! they are even risking their live to have an abortion or just dump the newborn into garbage!!! it's sooooooooo not fair!!!

    sorry.. guess i talk too much!! thanks for listening!! :)

    Cheer up ladies!!!!

  • Silly,

    Don’t worry, check it again tomorrow.

    How many pill and injections you had taken for second iui treatment? When I did my first iui with another doctor, I had to take 2 tablets of 排卵藥 a day from Day 2 to Day 6 and 4 injections before the treatment, also I had 3 more injections after my iui.. However, my body was too sensitive, I got 4 eggs ready for the treatment, which was too many for iui that why I failed it.

    This time I change to see Dr. Tung, after studying all my records and HSG report, she decided to reduce my injection, hopefully, I could bingo this time.

  • cobb,

    i took 2 tablets of 排卵藥 a day from day 3 to day 7 then at day 7 i had to give myself injection once a day for 3 days. when the time i went to see Dr Chow, she said i had 5 eggs ready.. so no need to have injections after iui cus it will over stimulate my body. but she gave me so pills to insert into my virgina instead for two weeks.

    ohh.. Dr Chow didn't tell me too many eggs will cause failure ga wor.. aiya!!!!!!!!! guess i won't bingo this time for sure lah!!!!

    i am definitely going to chage to Dr Tung lah!!! sighhh

    good luck to u, cobb!!!

    Cheer up ladies!!!

  • Hi Sillybee & Cobb, I call my doctor la....I can start my second IUI before my holidays, and no need to take support injection after the IUI this time, just insert pills is enough.

    I heard from others sister, second time of IUI normal will bingo. Is that right?

  • Silly,

    Don’t worry, you still have chance.

    I only read it from books that too many eggs will definite reduce the probability of bingo in iui treatment. You case is better than mine, my doctor even didn’t tell me that I got 4 eggs (I know that from nurse), she is a good doctor but not in infertility part, that why I changed to see Dr. Tung.


    Some people said that the second / third iui will get bingo easier than the first iui, Dr. Tung also told me the same, I think it is true.

    So, you can enjoy your holiday now!!!

    Good luck!

  • Sillybee, how is your result? Bring us some good news....

    Good Luck...

  • Hi all,

    sighhhh no luck at all!!! i have called the nurse to tell them the result, they told me to wait for few days(cus my period hasn't came yet) then check it again.

    oh well.. i don't think i am bingo lah.. i have all the 'period signs'.. now i am waiting my M come.

    but i won't give up!!!! ^_^

    i told the nurse that i want to change doctor. they will arrange it for me!!

    Cheer up ladies!!!!

  • ohh.. up there is me! i typed my alias wrong!


  • the nurse from Union Hospital just called and told me that they made an appointment for me with Dr Tung in 25/6 (monday)... wah!! it's so fast!!! i thought i have to wait for over a month tim!! :)

    i hope i will have a new beginning and will have good news lah!! ^_^

  • Silly,

    You are so lucky, I remember that I had to wait for 2 months to get to see Dr. Tung first time in clinic.

    Oh… Have you got any good news?

  • cobb,

    my M just came this morning ah.. :(

    i knew it's gonna like this cus it's exactly the same as last time when i did my first iui. the period came the next day after the pregnancy test date. sighhhhh

    very disappointed!!

    cheers up ladies!!

  • Silly,

    Don't give up!

    I think Dr. Tung could help us bingo.

  • Hi all,

    Just a note to encourage you all not to give up. My friend and I visited the same Herblist from Beijing on the same day 5 years ago and we didn't get any success for pregnancy in the subequent 4 years. Both of us didn't have any birth control in that 4 years. My friend checked the 輸卵管 which is OK but I didn't check anything.

    After 4 years, we still didn't want to do the IUI as we believe in destiny, if the baby wants to come, they will come.

    One day, I discovered I got pregnant and few months later my friend got pregnant too. I have delivered a baby boy last year. However, my friend miscarriaged when the baby was 2 months. However, she is lucky that she got pregnant again 3 months later and she will deliver a baby boy in coming Sept.

    I do hope you all will have a lovely baby soon...

  • Hi jo,

    thank you very much for telling us your story! :)

    it's really good to hear such good news. it's very encouraging. i think u and your friend are the very lucky one. my husband and i have been trying for a year, still nothing happen. we don't want to wait anymore. what if we are not those lucky one? what if the day never came? so.. we want to do something about it. :) i really hope we can have a baby soon.

    cheer up ladies!!!

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