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  • amyrillis

    "I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it."

    Francois Marie Arouet VOLTAIRE

    French philosopher and writer (1694-1778)


    i shall continue as a 'buckingham;?


  • A well-educated; well-mannered; courteous person with good upbringing never loses temper in any heated or not discussion. Only hypocrites and snobs pretend that they are the high-quality people and accuse others of low quality when they run out of good arguments!

    Are they not pretentious then?

  • Saying "kiss ass, butt" "Full of crap" doesn't show that you have a stronger point.

    I am sorry for being a higher class person if that hurts your feeling. If my family taught me about respect and manner, makes you think that I am pretentious, then again, I am so sorry. If going out to client dinner and you call that hypocrite, I am terriblly sorry. Because something to me, might be just an ordinary daily life but to you, might be as big as hell. So when I casually say it out loud and hurt your feelings, I am so sorry. Please accept my apology.

  • When it comes to "ownership", we might lead to the discussion of communism (ownership by everybody) and capitalism (ownership by one).

    What is "adultery"? Legally it must involved real sex, and cannot say 2 persons committed adultery if they have not had any sexual intercourse. If 2 persons only involved in relationships but no sex (which is quite uncommon), would they be committing adultery? Morally, probably yes; legally, probably no.

  • Calling people 'lunatic' and 'ignorant' doesn't prove you are of high quality either!

  • to the ignorant,

    if you think you are, then you are. I never named anyone or anything for that matter.

  • amyrillis

    apology accept


  • But still, circumstances may change. And in some cases, having affair is understandable but not justified.

    See, you are full of crap! Does God forgive you when it is understandable? Would you forgive your hubby when he commits adultery which he thinks should be understandable to you?

  • ulb

    You are such a jerk! Were you not accusing someone?

  • Adultery is just a name if one person involved is married. Old thinking classified this as wrong or unaccpetable because they knew most human being react to their own emotion due to " ownership " and " morale " constraints. To me, each case should be judged by its own merits. It depnds on the parties involved and the way each think, the circumstances, the reasons ( love or lust ) and other factors. It can be a beautiful experience, it can end up in disaster. But no one should judge other than those involved. We as bystanders, should just watch and understand, for when it happen to us, we may not make sensible decisions and hope others will understand and accept.

  • I kind of admire the French and Italian.

    The new elected French PM, he is divorced and had affair.. but that didn't affect the French to see his ability.

    The Italian PM also famous for his sweet talk to possibly, all female species, haha!

    Talking about hypocrisy in politics, the Americans are on top!

  • amyrillis,

    let's pretend to be pretentious....and annoy the annoying duo.

  • I don't feel hurt at all. Don't flatter yourself, please. You are just a silly and pretentious woman trying hard to tell people that you are of high quality and have good upbringing. It makes me laugh.........XD)

  • But definitely, there will not be any Chinese version movie of "Bridges of Madison County"... haha! We as conservative and hypocitical Chinese, our hobby is to judge !!!

  • amyrillis

    be careful on what u said on the Amercian!

    the cia might be tracking your ip already


  • Funny how you put it that way!

    How do you know that I am low-class? And how do you know that I am not a well-known person and that I don't hang out with the best of the best?

    Your little comfort zone makes you arrogant and ignorant, my dear!

  • i tend to agree that the amercians are the most hypocritical of all. they are very two-face when it comes to their public and private lives.

  • politician?

    talking about politician

    they are usually just a bunch of 'dirty rotten moron' anyways

  • yes ulb, but we have to be careful not to generalize (which I was pretty wrong on saying all Americans are hypocirtes, I basically meant those ppl in politics).

    Some Amercians are extremely conservative, like the Amiesh!

    Europeans are in general, more liberal. And they take sex as just a normal human behaviour (indeed it is!), liking eating and sleeping. You can see posters of genital organs on the streets in Europe.

  • and the european politician are all angels?

    u r sometime naive


  • Silly little woman

    Let me tell you this: I pay more tax than what you earn in a year! I hope this will not make you pull a long face.........XD)

  • nouveau_riche

    wah.........that's snotty!

  • Why not let people live in their own world and dreams. Whether such world is factual due to upbringing and education, or just pretentious and hypocrite. We allow such plural society so we must accept how one chooses to live. I do not think anyone should react too much how they present their world as long as no harm done. We are making judgment only through what we see how others write, limited anyway in influencing our decisions. So hang on longer, truth may be around you sooner than you thought. Amyrillis, carry on the challenging and provoking discussions. Guys, pour out your thoughts, we're loving it.

  • nouveau_riche

    alright alright

    i will absolutely retract my 'snotty'' comment, if u r willing to share with me your money' ok?


  • Silly little woman

    In case you didn't get it right. Unlike you, I don't have to take shxts from anyone.

    How well can you perceive that, huh. Please don't pretend you are high class!

  • nouveau_riche

    calm down

    we hear u

    'u dont have to take shxt from nobody'

    except your own


  • craig

    I might as well be' snotty' since a big snob here thinks she is high class and all of us are underdogs!

  • nouveau_riche

    sorry on my previous comment!

    i was just kidding

    well..........just let her be herself

    i think she is just a little girl

  • Silly little woman

    Attending dinners and banquets or going to balls doesn't make you high class!

    Telling people you are high class doesn't make you high class either!

    Perhaps you don't even know the definition of high-class at all!

  • oh, i am speechless. my jaw is on the floor.... hahaha

  • ulb

    I am not surprised.......:p)

  • nouveau_riche

    cool it pal

    u talk as if she really stepped on your toe

    just let it be!

  • craig

    I was wrong! I have to take shxts from my wife, I guess!

  • nouveau_riche


    ur killing me

    yes i agreed

    must take the shxt from thou wife



  • craig

    I just love to tease stupid people saying stupid things. I know it is not well-mannered; courteous and of high class for me to do that, I just can't help it!

  • i am not sure if amyrillis is of high class, but definitely those who keen on personal attacks are not.

    i am certainly not. I just look for a sensible discussions, throwing views and idea.

    Shame on ignorant.

  • craig

    I was wrong again. I have to take shxts from my children as well, I guess!

  • xman_haha

    who care how u think


    just kidding........

  • xman_haha

    Please don't say that. You are hurting her feelings! She will never admit that she is 'ignorant', she just thinks we are low class and don't understand her 'majesty'...............:XD)

  • nouveau_riche

    at least the shxt from the kid are not as gross tasting as the adult ones


    less potent i assume


  • Funny! No more 'witty'; 'intellectual'; 'substantial' conversation among the host and her 'fans'!

    It must be because of you craig, you silly little bastard!

  • we are on other thread already. take this.

  • nouveau_riche

    how dare u calling me names now huh? lol

    u geek


  • xman_haha

    y started another thread?

    no fun :(


  • craig, your sense of humour will lighthen up everybody. Good job.


    wife and kids are giving you shxt, very normal. Ok to let go steam here. We are all your buddy to listen and lighthen up your world. Together with ulb and xman_haha, and our Amyrillis, we sure can spice up each other. I lookforward to more topics and more " heated " debate.

  • craig

    You can't take a joke? I don't believe!

  • BlueDiamond

    So you just want to be a bystander? Are you beating your drum?

  • nouveau_riche

    of coz i'm bloody pissed

    call me little bastard


  • bluedia

    yea..........how come u never participated in the discussion?

    dont be so spineless!

    we promise we wont bite or punch


  • craig


    Where have all the 'witty'; 'intellectual';'substantial'people gone?

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