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  • Amyrillis

    Are you really ignorant? You told people you were intelligent and of high-level not long ago, didn't you?

  • Another cyberworld courtship etiquette, I would say is the use of language and the way of phrasing words, timing is also important.

    Sometimes a sentence could sound nasty at a time, but sound totally hot the other time.

    To me, it's just not appealing to use very dirty and nasty words at the beginning.

  • Amyrillis

    I don't get it, come again please.

  • Bye guys, going to a client dinner. See u tomorrow.

  • Amyrillis

    You juuuust love to make people think that you are important!

    Subtle people with good upbringing just won't tell strangers that they are going to meet Prince Charles. Only snobs tell people they know who and who and go to balls!

  • Suggest cooler atmosphere in discussions. Ok if anyone wants to be agressive but others can rebut in candid manner. Important is how you conduct yourselves in heated discussions. At the end, well phrased points and style counts and could earn respect of opponents no matter who came out top. The more one talks, the more you will know about the person. It is up to you to filter, enjoy the good ones, learn from the bad ones. Then you will enjoy and more fulfilling. Amyrillis is a character, we are too. We can make sparks to enrich ourselves.

  • Morning! 等我幫手 "開門" 先.

  • BlueDiamond,

    Well spoke.

    We always have a choice.

    We may not control who leave messages on this thread, but we have a choice to respond to those we want to communicate further.

    We may enter into heated discussions with other people, but we have a choice in the wordings we use.

    And what make human a better species is that we know we always have a choice and we use it wisely.

  • mr_e

    what make u think that human is a better species?

    care to elaborate ?

  • The truth is: most people just can't take criticism and ridicule!

    The hypocrites and the pretentious here just love to say that they have good upbringing and as such they would choose not to respond to posts which they find difficult to rebut.

  • BlueDiamond

    Well spoken!

    But I just love to unveil the masks of those who said they were of high quality and good upbringing.

  • picking fights out of nowhere again. fail to see the point of this agressive bullying style. who is being pretentious and who is the hypocrite here? do you think you are better and more superior becos you can shout louder and curse more viciousy? are you the moral police here?

    give me a break, would you?

  • who cares about upbringing

    some of the bluest blood could be one of the rottenest people existed too.

    a person that is fluent in writing and reading does not automatically meant he/she is special or a class above the others

  • ulb

    Did I hit on your sore spots?

    A jerk like you probably can't tell who is who! Open your eyes and look around and you will know who are the hypocrites and who are the snobs!

    Mind you, I never curse and I don't put myself on the moral high-ground. I just love to tease those who said they were of high quality!

  • nouveau_riche

    chill out pal


  • craig

    I am cool!

  • alright

  • everyone has a right to believe what they believe, just let them be. who are you to judge? why is it your business to unmask anyone? what mask are you wearing today? zorro's? please get off your pretentious moral high horse before you embarass yourself further....

    oh by the way, grow up when you are not so busy picking fights.

  • ulb

    Well, at least I don't pretend that I am of high quality and tell people that I was raised from a good family. I am always true to myself!

    I find it fun to unveil the masks of those snobs and hypocrites. You can't bear with it?

  • it is rather absurd that a discussion turned out to be personal attacks. Pointless to care who are of high class/quality ppl or who are of high moral standard either. It makes no senses at all to attack others. We dont know each other after all, do u ?

  • Good afternoon everyone! Nice day, though steaming hot! But I prefer it this way rather than raining.

    Thank you guys.. for those who stand by me.

    But I really find it silly to forgo our discussion and give in to the bullies. We don't need to validate their existence.

    What about another topic?

    I am reading a book called "Lust in translation". It's quite interesting. Talks about infidelity and compare how different nationalities' take on it.

    Americans are most critical about adultery. They judge most. But ironically, they have the highest percentage of adultery. They just turn adultery into relationship / affair.

    And not surprisely, French judge adultery least. They see it as an incident. And if the marriage could sustain after this, the adultery doesn't make a flaw in the marriage.

    Some more... will share after I finish the book.

    But what are you guys' take on it?

  • have i ever said what quality i possess, or what class i belong?

    whose business is it anyway that i am a low quality low class average joe?

    why should it bother anyone? why is it something for others to judge?

    i am who i am, and good luck to those who have the ill fortune to know me.... deal with it.

    have confidence in yourself and the quality will rise from within.

  • ulb, take it easy... even saints can't please the whole wide world.

    You will reason with reasonable people. Dont' waste your time, coz you can never beat unreasonable people as you can't reason with them.

    And I guess they are referring to me for being hypocrite or pretend to be higher class. Whatever...

    The old Chinese saying, "righteousness in people's minds"...

    I guess our core group knows exactly what happened. Just let it be.

    Let's continue our discussion, shall we?

  • adultery...good or bad? depends a lot on the story is written, and who is painted the villain, and who the victim... whether it is an unfaithful act and utter betrayal, or an impossible forbidden love that conquers all imposed social and moral standards.

  • that's why men always fight over girl?


    the culprit is amyrillis?

  • dear amyrillis,

    adultery...good or bad? depends a lot on how the story is written, and who is painted the villain, and who the victim... whether it is an unfaithful act and utter betrayal, or an impossible forbidden love that conquers all imposed social and moral standards.

  • ulb, agreed.

    Therefore, goes back to the saying of "don't judge if it's not your business", haha!

    I kind of detest that most women, will jump to the conclusion of who's the "bad guy" in other people's relationship.

    I think everyone should have their own take & principle in their own marriages. And just be supportive to whoever friends or family facing this kind of problem without being vicious and judgemental.

  • amyrillis,

    agreed with you totally.... let's ignore the ignorant.

  • amyrillis perter 'ass kisser' only!


  • absolutely, never judge by its cover.....

    for those involved in such relationship, they must know in their heart what they want and be prepared to bear all its consequences, and others' unwarranted judgements.

  • the weak point in most of these cases is that "victims" always look for support and in the course, they look for listeners to take side. although reluctant to be judgemental, it is not totally avoidable in order to maintain "victim" tust and build comfort to him/her. sigh !!!

  • xman, that's very kind of you. You must be a good friend.

    And of course, despite having any reasons behind, one still should have the license to have affair.

    Being an adult and having much life experience, I just think people should realize life is complicated. Love, relationship is complicated too. Love has many facades. It's just not that single sided.

  • well.........if i'm not wrong

    amyrillis is trying to show how well educated she is or of a class of her own.

    undeniably she is very fluent in writing n reading english or perhaps even on chinese.

    but .......sorry that i found her 'uneducated'

  • I am just quite irritated by some people's subconscious thought that one "owns" their partner. And I am talking about relationship, not marriage.

    Some people have this thought of "owning" her boyfriend. Only if they think they "own", that others can "steal".

    I just find it pretty ridiculous when girl said someone "stole" her boyfriend. Then she must think she owns him.

    Come one.. it's not first come first serve. If one is not allow to choose before marriage, then what's freedom of love?

    It's a constant quest to search your "soul mate" and the other half that can complete your life.

    If a girl doesn't want to let go, she is a bad person for not letting her boyfriend finds a more suitable other half. Also a bad person for not letting herself find a more suitable one.

  • ulb

    May I say the same to you?

  • Sorry typo...

    One DOES NOT have the license to have affair

  • amyrillis

    sounded like ur always the the role of a 'stealer'?


  • yes, the human heart is a complicated organ...love, lust and passion can be so intertwined yet come in many different permutations.

    amyrillis, have you seen the 'unbearable lightness of being'?

  • ulb

    I thought you didn't judge? Isn't it rude and offensive to call someone 'ignorant'? Are you not a hypocrite then?

  • sorry rephrased it


    sounded like u always play the roke of a 'stealer'?


  • amyrillis

    or perhaps u loved the role of being a 'stealer'?


  • ulb

    You said you never judged? Isn't it rude to call someone 'ignorant'?

    You are such a hypocrite!

  • amyrillis,

    true or false. it is a fundamental hman nature in some way. do we all wish the sense of ownership, and human are selfish, aint we ?

  • nouveau_riche

    give him a break

    cant u see!

    he is trying to kiss amyrillis 'butt'


  • Amyrillis

    As always, you are full of crap. Would you let your lovable hubby find his girlfriends and commit adultery since you don't own him- to put it in your words!

  • For those of you who do not want to join the dicussion.

    Everyone is entitled to have an opinion. You have voiced your opinion out very loud.

    That you think Amyrillis is a hypocrite, prententious, uneducated person who thinks she is important.

    It's lound and clear.

    Others, have their right to not agreeing with you. And they were loud and clear that they don't agree.

    Both sides has your own take on it. And it's really no point to force the other group to agree with you.

    Yet, I am the owner of this thread. I would like to have some good dicussion. That's why I started this thread. If you do not want to join the discussion, it will be appreciated if you leave this thread and let us have a peaceful time. If this is not respect or manner, I don't know what it is.

    "I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it."

    Francois Marie Arouet VOLTAIRE

    French philosopher and writer (1694-1778)

    I respect you have the right to say. But I also have the right to be silent to your opinion.

  • nouveau_riche

    sheeesh..........i think we pissed her off

    all your fault richie


  • xman, I underatnd your meaning of human selfishness. That's what one should keep reminding themselves.

    And my comment as mentioned, is on relationship, not on marriage. Marriage is a much bigger committment for life.

    I believe everyone should have the sincerity and belief, at the point of marriage, that they will fight and put utter effort to make it work out for life.

    But still, circumstances may change. And in some cases, having affair is understandable but not justified.

  • hi amyrillis,

    i must thank them, on the contrary, so as to enlist this thread higher. peace in mind, not worth the words to rebut at all.

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