(New & original) Any decent man care for chat?

  • Hello guys.  I am not as blue today.  Weather is good, just a bit too humid.  I am feeling much better.  To avoid any confusion, I hope you don't mind my request to use nickname only.

    I look forward to our paths crossing in this thread.

  • hi amy...what do u want ?

  • 妳成日唔開心架?

  • hi amy,

    nice to meet you, where are you now? office or home?

  • Its new but not original.

  • Hello Essbee! Long time!

    The thread might not be original, but I am the original, hehe!

  • Hi Amyrillis,

    Would you mind telling me what's in your heart? Great to heard that you are not as blue as before. Hope you will recover soon, like the weather today, sunny and shine.

  • Ahh so its New, and you're original. Got ya.

  • Hi, not that I am always blue. But I was blue last week. Opened a thread, had some witty and fun discussion with some decent men. But it was then messed up by someone pretending to be me. So, here I am, with a new thread.

  • Care to tell me whats in your mind, in your soul....ahh forget it..lets hurry and chat on msn so I can hope you'll have sex with me in the next 10minutes....

    sheeeeesh, why do so many guys think this site is a magic fairy land where hundreds of women are just waiting for girls to sleep with them?

  • hey, it's a myth.

    doesn't hurt to have hope! you browse here & there too, right?!

  • Yeah, browse a lot of places. But would like to believe that i need to chat for a while before even thinking about what may happen..

  • Exactly, that's what I think too. Although I am not looking for sex here. So contradictory! As this is the SEX board, haha!

    But to me, I just find some harmless flirtation could spice up boring day to day life a bit.

    And afterall, the other thread, in the beginning, did have some good sparks and I did enjoy a lot.

  • Yes I only visit this site when im not busy at work (which seems to be a lot lately). What i don't understand is why so many guys think the following works?



    And then repeat the above lines to each and every female sounding nickname..

  • And then of course there's those who:

    Start a new thread every morning, and

    Start a new thread every lunchtime, and

    Start a new thread at end of every workday, and

    Start a new thread ever evening


    Any Lady bored/horny/lonely/available? or

    I'm bored broed/horny/lonely/available

    But using a different Alias thinking it might fool people.

  • Haha, you are right! I don't understand either.

    I mean, if you want sex, at least, give a little patience and work on it. Try to connect with that person first.

    I wonder how many of those "any lady interested" thread actually did hook them with free sex?

  • 1000 x hi

  • 1000 x hate you ah!

  • hi amyrillis,

    this has been a question in my mind too. what is the chance that a lady get hooked like such ?

  • I would get hooked that way if I am ugly, fat, desparate, horny, depressed, lonely, sad, alone, want a quickie...

    Maybe it's to the girl's advantage. Free sex ah! The old saying of man taking advantage is not true anymore. Sex is a means of enjoyment and whoever enjoys more, is the benificial.

  • lovely,

    beautiful argument.

    however, i would like to add that men and women maybe seeking different things. there can be mutual beneficiaries.

  • Yes lets all enjoy sex, together, in one big group, 100 guys and one ugly, fat, desparate, horny, depressed, lonely, sad, alone, wanting a quickie..

  • That would be perfect scenario. Both are beneficiaries.

    It is "love making" not "ejeculating"!

    So I suggest men fishing around here, should try to connect with a lady first. It makes the sex more enjoyable.

  • Essbee, why are you so angry and cynical?

  • Amyrillis,

    Here I come!

  • it may not be win-lose situations. i can be win-win or the worst is lose-lose.

    i am rather interested in understanding the way that men can hook with ladies. she.com is an online platform where people can only use text (words) to attract attention, how could men distnguish themselves from the crowd ?

  • Amy..not angry or cynical..its funny! very very funny! to think that people are so after a quick-fix solution - only disappointment awaits them.

    What should we do? try to help? no I think we'd be overwhlemed, so why not just sit back and enjoy it, make it funny for us to observe!

  • It's also so stupid for those men to post here, saying that they had sex with pork chop. And mentioned how they were being cheated.

    Such a disgrace for man!

  • I am trying to be funny, maybe my sarcasm isn't good when its written. In Australia, sarcasm is how we talk all the time!

  • Love sarcasm!

    I will get your sarcasm if you speak it out with your tone.

    xman, I guess those woman will select by looking at photos instead of just reading the text. I don't know! I haven't experienced.

    But I guess for a more selective lady, she will invite some men to chat on MSN first and see if she has feeling for anyone. Then screen them by looking at pics?

  • it is understandable why people being cheated would want to find an exhaust through she.com. But what would men taken "advantages" still have grievance to air ?

  • Well, wave-length! That's what we talked about!

    Similar wave-length, have mutual attraction. I suppose!

  • What i do like on here is the honesty of some people. How they say they are married or in a relationship, but are looking for something extra. Thats honest. Whereas some guys will will cheat and lie and say they are after romance, when all they want is some pants off action that night itself.

  • Right! Man can choose not to have sex with the pork chop!

    He should be disgraced by his non-selective, convenient bad taste. I mean, people should have "bottom-line" shouln't they? Even for casual sex!

  • Amy..you'd be surprised..as long as its female and breathing, there will always be a guy interested..

  • i think men do have bottom line (at least i do), but i think bottom line varies from among men.

    appearance does affect one's impulse, the real quality is deeper than skin.

  • should we blame the gene within men ? men tends to be more easily sexually aroused.

  • Anyway..time to go home..good night til next time.

  • Bye Essbee. Until next time. Maybe next week, probably.

  • It's definitely genetic.

    Male is suppose to spread as much genes to the different opposite gender objects as possible. It's their nature, in order to spread offsprings.. to carry on the clan, in the fierce environment. The more offsprings, the more could survive for the fittest.

    As for female, it is our nature to be choosy. We tend to choose the best possible genes to our body.

  • taking it that we all under controlled by our gene inside. shall we not to mix the moral standards with human behaviour ?

    "we are innocent, we are out of control, just the need from within"

    probably no one will agree i suppose. we are, as human, claiming to be high order animals , we can control (suppress) ourselves. that is the difference from that of breast.

    the key difference is the respectfulness. it does not matter a man asks a lady out for sex in the first few chat lines, what matters is if the man respects the lady if he has got rejected. Or what he does after sex. It is the sex board etiquette - the behaviour of which with rules.

  • amy

    still in office?

  • xman, yes I agree with you.

  • Amyrillis,

    That is "survival of the fittest"! A male tries to pass on his "supposed best genes" to as many females as possible and to "displace" the less capable males from passing on their genes. Men have trillions of sperms to spare.

    On the other hand, women's eggs are precious, and once they got pregnant, they need at least 10 years to raise their kids to independent and they need the best genes. This lead to the "wars of the sexes"!

  • Human evolved and we developed certain rules and protocols to follow.

  • men can feel the "war for sex" in she.com. however most ladies are battling in the "war for love". see the difference in expectations ?

  • xman,

    That's why the best men won .... those who are great in sex yet provide love to their counterparts.

  • coming back to this point then, what is sex board etiquette ?

    1. dont ask for sex in the first few lines ?

    2. dun complaint the opposite appearance in front of others ?

    3. sex skills can be discussed but cannot quote the opposite name / identity ?

    4. .... more , pls help ..

  • I tend to equalize war for sex & war for love.

    To me, both are inseperable!

  • Have to go now.

    See you on Monday!

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