Call of the wild

  • I am wild at heart and free at mind, would you like to be my friend?


  • 想傾什麼?

  • 你有冇投訴聖經淫穢?

  • born to be wild

  • born in civil, transform to wild

  • Tinchung

    I work at construction site earning my humble living with toil and sweat, touch wood, no blood and tears.

    Everyone has its difficulty. My imminent problem is the arch-enmy of mine is coming to be my supervisor again. We clashed before, ended up with his overwhelming victory over me by superior authority, even if I have reason.

    I am a cursed staff. However, I don't worry about my career prospect at the least for I am sure I will not happy to behave as the seniors do.

    The enemy is coming with his fang gleaming in darkness. I have no place to hide but fighting and fighting.

    This is my story. Am I boring you?

  • see me?

  • Hi Wolf_Nelson,

    Ha, I'm so stupid. I fianlly find your thread.

    How are you?

  • Not so well.

    My sleeping quality is getting worse. And I have migraine headache偏頭痛 which may effect my sleep and vice versa.

    How about you? Did your female fd meet good guy last week? Or did you attend the gathering?



  • Hi Wolf_Nelson,

    I also have migraine headache during my youth - since primary until about 30 years old. I suffered a lot when my migraine come again on and off. 頭痛前,視力會出現不明的線條,跟住開始頭痛, 又嘔, 黃膽水都吐埋, 個人好累, 去睡了, 醒來就沒事. 二,三個月發作一次. 好辛苦.但不知何時不再頭痛. 現在回想起,可能那時時常唔開心, 讀書, 做人都要求高,有事不會同人講, 壓制自已, 個性又內向, 情緒影響健康吧!

    你是否工作壓力太大,影響情緒, 引起偏頭痛?? 多多保重呀!

    至於那個 gathering,我終於沒有去, 有朋友好失望, 另外一個朋友說當見識一下.

  • 我的症狀是會出現眼花現像,眼晴像被閃光燈閃過,一大片光影,一個小時後劇烈頭痛隨之而來,已經試過好幾次,次次靈驗,痛到在街上嘔,非常冇儀態。





  • Hi Wolf_Nelson,

    My situation is exactly as yours when 偏頭痛 happens again. I deeply can feel what the pain you're going through.

    When the first time it happned, about primary 4 or 5, my mother also brought me to see doctor; she thought there was something wrong with my eyes. When the time past and it occurs again, I know it was something wrong with my head.

    Later, I know it was due to the nervous systems of my brain - the contraction and relaxation of the nervous does not work smoothly that caused the headache. When I'm too excited or in a very bad mood; the pain will come again.

    So I ask myself I have to control mood - not to be too angry, not to be too sad. But in realtiy, there is always unhappy or uncontrolled things happened - I just told myself that I can be angry; I could cry; I could blame something; someone but not always and notletting them last long. To listen to music to cheer myself up.

  • Actually, I was told by 'Dr. eye' that I have migraine headache.

    It seems you found the way to tackle the problem. I am not so sure what triggers the headache, it just comes uninvited. I always think it was my weakness that I could not face problem, which is psychologic effect, so I find some self-help book to read, believe it or not, it works for me in some extent. Again when I cannot solve the problem it comes again.

    Same as you, I found to express my anger as soon as possible and as much as it has is good to health. In the sprit of a fighter is better than in the mood of a victim. On the other hand, I gave up some highly irritated activity in order to save from mood swing.

    BTW, how is your weedend? Get wetted?

  • Hi Wolf_Nelson,

    Today I went to Wo Hop Shek to watch the worker to dig out the bones of my grandma and father who both passed away in 1980. We did so because we want to bury them together with my mother (she was crashed down by a overspeeded motor cycle after morning walk in Feb this year).

    We want to bury them together in Chai Wan.

    I still love my father though he left me 27 years ago. I'll cry why I think of him. As I grew up, I know I have to face those ups and downs of my life, someone I love will leave me some day - my parent, my husband. I told myself I have to be strong. Though I have seveal brothers and sisters but I couldn't gain much support from them.

    These two weeks, my eldest brother asked me to lend money to him cause he was in financial difficulty - he owes money of "ta year lung". During the past week, I lent money to him twice already. I don't know how to help him - actually his wife, her daughter, my sisters all refused to help him again. Actually, two years ago, those "ta year lung" also called me to pay back money to them on behalf of my brother. I was angry to have such a brother, I feel shame.

  • I have a bad hair cut today. But it is nothing compare with your difficulty.

    I remember the motor cycle accident, the driver seems deeply regretted on what he did. My father passed away almost 2 yrs ago. His last days was in bad health, I may say great painful. Therefore I feel relieved that he finally ended his torture. I suppose your mother didn't suffer too much pain from the accident. All of us will leave this world someday, it's not bad to leave with less pain.

    Your loved one leave you, yet they also leave you something, leave you some good memory which you will always cherish. And if you believed in God, you will meet together finally, right?

    I know the feeling of no support, my parent is on the list of no trust, so as my only elder brother, that's why I take up the self-help book.

    Abut your eldest brother's case. The only way to help him is let him take his bad fruit. Everyone has to take care themselves. My theory is that one falls in the trap of loan sharp lacks the common sense of financial mangagement. You cannot help him by just lending him money because he don't know how to manage it and will again fall in the trap soon or later. Take care yourself, waste no more time or money on him, call the police if needed.

  • Good evening Wolf_Nelson,

    Thank you for your sharing and advice.

    Human's love couldn't last forever and perfect - I also love someone at a time and don't love her/him at another time. I long for the everlasting love - the Bible says God's love is everlasting. We could know HOW to love another as long as we can learn it from God. My parent may don't know how to love us; or even hurt us.

    Most often, I regard those Christian are living more happier than I. I have the curiosity to learn how God loves us.

  • I don't know why should we look for everlasting. Since we are mortal, we will have no everlasting, everything will gone. I only care for the memory I would have.

    It is impossible to learn from God. Human being is nothing compare with the almighty god. He cannot be hurted, so his love can be everlasting. When you get hurt, you hate instead of love. That's the different between God and human. And we can never learn his way for we haven't got his might. God is not an object to learn, God is for worship or pray to.

  • Hi Wolf_Nelson,

    Thank you for your sharing about God.

    God is mighty. HE creates this world. You're right. We worship and pray to God. Also, God teaches us how to love others, how to love ouseleves, how to forgive and forget those who hurt us.

    He is perfect. We're human being, we will do wrong through our whole life until the day we die.

    BTW, just I sent an email to my ex-husband, asking him how is his job hunting (he is not working for few months and finding a job). He works in computer field. He replied me that he is running out of money. I then asked him if he needs, I can lend to him.

    I don't know should I ask him this question, or whether it will hurt his self-esteem.

  • It really depends on how he feels about you. Offering help can be read as condescending.

  • Sorry, my English is no good. What do you mean offering help can be read ad condescending?

    Do you man do not like to ask help from female?

  • 即係覺得



  • I think it's different man and woman. Woman always ask help from man but they don't have the feeling as man. Do you agree?

  • Traditionally woman is supposed more dependent than men, or dependent on man, based on man supposed has more power.In modern world, man is losing ground to woman as the society become more and more impartial and his ability of solving problem is diminishing as well.

    Unfortunately, change of traditional mindset always lag behind the change of society, man is still being expected to solve problem as if he has something superior. That's why man intends not asking help.

  • Hi Wolf_Nelson,

    You mean man tends not to asking him from other, even his close friend, his girl friend or even his wife?

    But my eldest brother always ask me to lend him money. Is it means that his self-esteem is low and those men with high self-esteem is not easy to ask for help from others?

  • Amendment :

    First line should read as "asking help from other", not "asking him from other."

  • You brother didn't ask for help, he just ask for money. His problem is not short of money but how he become short of money. He either too stupid to realize where his problem is, or realized but didn't want ask for help. I think he is the kind of tradional man, don't like to even disclose his problem no to say asking help.

  • are u guys christian?=)

  • not traditional

  • lol, wot does it mean then?

  • I don't go to church and I don't believe in bible

  • My mind is my own church. God, if there is the almighty creator, he will talk to me directly, need no representative from church or second hand revelation.

  • =.="... u dun understanding the real meaning of that,lol

  • Then I know you are traditional.

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