***Diamond Single Club*** 想約埋班岩玩既朋友齊齊玩~ 年齡:26-34 學歷:大學程度或以上 職業:有穩定職業,月入唔好低過2K 身高:女164以上;男174以上 必須是單身人士,人格健全,有興趣參加者可留msn/email 唔好介意,話明 Diamond Single Club,入會緊會有要求,會有不定期聚會~

  • 收皮啦, 係人都知道你又想食免費餐

  • well, I am so surprised to see this first post.

    Just passby for the day, see this thread, thinking how many people would fall within these criteria. You thread even implicitly mentioned single, so it is quite hard.

    1. Having good education can be quite a portion of the population

    2. Salary reflects job nature, rank and years of experience---except some special case that graduates who get employed by IT firms or top lawyer firms, MT....

    3. Height is one of the fixed factor that there is noway to change. Recently there was a girl in China who do surgery to increase height and she became handicap.

    4. Single. It is hard. Do you afraid of loneliness? do you want somebody to cook a nice meal for you? or to build up a family with you where you are safe and comfortably...

    good morning

  • Stand,


    出呢個post 都係希望幫有以上條件(包括我)既人搵到合適既另一半.


    當然,呢個係ultimate goal,開始當然要做左朋友先,睇下合唔合適,相唔相處得黎....

    可能呢個post 未必迎合到大眾,眾�奡M他,理想對像一個就夠,會重視quality 多於quantity

  • Diamond Single Club








    唔好介意,話明 Diamond Single Club,入會緊會有要求,會有不定期聚會~

  • 月入唔好低過2K???

  • 2K=2000? lol

  • sorry,打錯


  • 我只係覺得...點解要識人就要用金錢同職業黎衡量? 人工高大學畢業就係好人好男/女人? 什麼道理? 我覺得凡事不可以似錢去衡量(月入over 20k)......

  • K

    做人應該認識多些不同類型的朋友, 人生才會多采多姿些!

  • 我合格架, 不過我得24歲咋, 有無得豁免?

    我相信如果真係一個賣尊貴既會, 我諗無咩必要有年齡限制卦?

  • 路過小女人, agree ar.

    Again, I wanna share a bit of my feelings.

    No matter what thread or whatever people request or wish to set, there is no right or wrong. There is no good or bad.

    There are people who wish to make friend with girls who sell their panties. It is their choice. People who wish to date a little girl in the age of 10. It is their choice. Sounds irritating, it is their choice.

    People who are only interested in making friends with nurse, policeman or whatever group of people, it is their choice.

    As long as it is legal and it is not affecting other people adversely, I never comment on them.

    But one thing I do believe I did tried before.

    There was a time when I feel unhappy when I heard that my friends get promoted or get a good job. It is not they are "good" and I am not "good".

    It is my issue that I link value system together with job remuneration or title.

    I realise that and finally I overcomed it.

    Everyone has their beauty. Someone tall, someone fat, someone has a good smile, someone can cook, someone can do good maths, someone can sing a song......

    Everyone is good!!

  • 我join!