True love is never easy. Not many people seem to be 100% happy with their love life

  • What is your experience?

    I see some friends married but not always happy. There are divorce already. Some partners cheat.

    I had one boyfriend who turned agressive at the end of the relationship.

    The one now is a really good man but he is a lot lot younger than me so timing is not good.

    Most of my friends have sad love stories. Even the one getting married soon has to force her boyfriend to marry her.

    How do you find true love and keep it? Can you trust love?

  • Even if you are happy now, how can you make sure it lasts forever? Does it matter?

  • that's why called LOVE... no garantuee..

    there's no fairy tale.. living happily forever and ever..

    Love's a feeling.. change time to time.. so doesnt matter... just be happy and love yourself..

  • this is a changing world, before you love, do you know 'love'?

    100% happy? you must be kidding.

  • I guess so but even finding this amazing person who can spend the time with you and make you feel special. Sometimes it seems so hard. Even if he exists the timing can be wrong or something can happen. I believed that i get more of a chance if i have many good qualities but true love is so hard to find even if i get lots of offers from guys. Some people can really hurt you. My friend met this guy a month ago, went out with him and got intimate as well very soon, now she finds out he has a girlfriend and lied to her. It is sad!

  • love.2day

    Even if not 100% happy, how about 85%?

    What is love? is it love if you fall in love with someone who treats you badly and doesnt love you back? isnt that "wrong love"? People these days fall in and out of love quick and have so many opportunities to have other choices, does true and pure love still exist? Are many people still willing to make sacrifices or be true to one another and love each other the same? Even when things go wrong they can do the right thing, like put the children first? Why does it turn so nasty when things go wrong?

    I am actually quite happy at the moment but I wonder about the future.

    What are your experiences?

  • most of us come and leave this world with no one else by ourselves. love is not living, and living can continue with or without love.

    a world is as sick as ones seek love but not knowing what love really is.

  • love is also about living. the content of love is empty if it's about nothing but lust & possession. people now dun trust, and people take no promise. a man's word is nothing when he can fall so easily in love with another man or woman tmr.

    before you love, do you enjoy life?

    i think everyone should.

  • I am actually quite happy at the moment but I wonder about the future.

    What are your experiences?

    by Joanna - 04/24/07 13:43


    You want to know about the future? are you sure?

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