i'm planning to go to W. Europe, do u know when is the best time? (e.g. weather, etc)

  • Best time is May, June - early July as you get very nice weather (not too hot). Unless you go to Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland) then July and August is ok becase you get to enjoy very long day as sunset in midnight.

    Keep in mind most Europeans take 1-2 months vacation during their summer time, so a lot of attractions & shops will close (esp small towns). So if you go around May to early July you can avoid the crowds. Plus there are very good festivals around this time!

    Sept, Oct, Nov also ok too, not too many people plus nice Autumn weather. Hope this helps..

  • hi

    thanks for your information.. (In fact, i'm planning to go to England/ French/ Holland, etc in around end of this year (maybe Sep-Nov). just concerning if the daytime is too short?? would you mind to give me your further advice?? thanks a lot in advance.

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