make up and general enquires on skin products

  • What is the difference between loose powder and dry powder? Which one shall I opt for use after liquid foundation?

    Any two way cake that you find very good? I am currently using GA, quite ok but I'm wondering whether I can try switching to another brand - any comments on cle de peau (always wanted to try but its very $$$)?

    Any recommendations for fading of "pimple marks"?? I have tried anti-spot corrector of la colline (quite expensive, and thought it would be good) but I don't seem to see the effect. friends have also suggeste glycel recovery gel and I also dont find it particularly good.

  • Loose powder 係無粘力. 用liquid foundation 之後用. 個妝可keep長時間一點, 但不會感覺太厚. 若liquid foundation 之後用乾粉, 個妝會太厚.

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