Seeking advice from a male player....if one of your ex ask you if you have any physical or sexual disease, whill you tell her or lie?

  • lie

  • Why? What if she find out she is infected and you dont know...dont you want to know?

  • Dont you want to cure it too?

  • telling lies doesn't mean my partner would get infected

    I am not rewarded to tell the truth anyway

  • no, but telling the truth allows your partner to get checked for that specific item as there are too many sexual disease and checking for all of them is impossibly long and expensive.

    Dont understand why you wont tell the truth? Do you mind talking online via MSN?

  • I personally think that this is personal and should bear this alone

    but of course at the same time it is not good and responsible to do something to harm the partner

  • who should bare alone? But all the girl is requesting is to know if her ex was infected so that she can get checked. How can it be 'not' bearing it alone?

  • arent u a bit irresponsble and cold?

  • almost all guys are irresponsible

    I hope you can be careful and find an exception one


  • I assume you are not going to respond to this post anymore ah? Thanks for not lying here.

    I dont think I will be that lucky.

  • plan for the worst and hope for the best

    I am just trying to behave honestly for a little while

    and hope you know more about the reality so that you won't be deceived easily

  • I guess I am lucky to catch you at this 'honesty' period. How long you think its going to last?

    What does trusting your lover have to do with reality? Shouldnt you trust the man you love? Someone whom you have given the privilege to touch your body?

  • Find the younger one lover will lower your chance be infected.

  • of course I would tell her I am ok and clean (though I never know if it is a lie or not).

    and at the same time, find a doctor to check up myself immediately.

    even if results are positive, I think I wont tell her.

  • oj, why wont you tell her you are positive? Its that kind of evil? Dont you even have a bit of concern that it may kill her?

  • Men are selfish. And as you assume, I am a player, I have to keep my reputation as well.

    Who knows the origin?

  • not a player myself, but thinking as a man, a responsible and health conscious man, he should tell his sex partner(s) if he knows he has STD(s).

    you can say a player has low standard of morality, but to put others' health and life at risk, that's the lowest form of all lives.

  • love.2day, thank you for you comment. I believe that putting others' life at risk is totally 'immoral'. Its not about the origin but about stopping it before it kills others and even yourself.

    oj and liar, there are some disease that will appear on others quicker than the originator. So it may save urlife in return too if your partner finds out befor you do.

    think about that.

  • 話明玩家, 條道德線一早就唔知劃左去邊。

    你地用生命作評價時, 有無想過一開始玩這遊戲, 已經傷害唔少人, 有時感情上之傷害慘過你殺左佢。

    不要假道德了, 無疑是50步笑百步而已。

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