Place to share hobbies or BS or anything to distract ourselves

  • I have too many hobbies. So whatever you like, most likely, I like too.

    I can also give stupid advices on buying stuff at times. (No fashion pls.... I know nothng about it.)

  • Recent musc cd recommendation -

    Cantonese pop -

    Vincy new album

    Classical music -

    Mahler symphony box set by Bertini - $200 for 10 cds (super cheap)

    Audiophile cds -

    All trash.....

  • hihi, see you here again

    i have lots of hobbies too

    movies - i go movies every week, recently watched the Charlotte's Web, Breaking and entering

    pets - my bunny just passed away on sunday, i am so sad , really miss her

    music - i like dance/ house/ punk music, electrical/ world are one of my favourites, recently listening : Air's new album pocket symphony

  • What is BS ?

  • and i am going to take a part time course starting from April, the next 2 years will be quite busy for me.

    would like to learning diving too, if my physical condition allow me to do so

  • bullshxt

  • count me in pls

    I want to be distracted too

  • no one speaks gei ?

    Y ? bcoz of me??

  • I am still here. Just that I am in the office. Taking care of boring stuff.

  • What kind of hobbies to share?

  • Oh poor me

    I odn't have interest

    as least I can't think of one here

  • Oh. I always tell friends that having hobbies can be important for self-balancing.

    Afterall, we all need an escape corner after work that can be self sustain. Also an interesting area to look forward to in spare time.

    Hobby can be anything as long as it can keep on curious and keep researching/looking on.

  • i need hobbies because i need the passion in something, like 100% concentrate in the study, searching for information about shooting location and how to take better photos (yes, i like photography too)

    always want something new to brighten my life, and i like to learn and discover

  • gkk, Same here. Like a shark to an extend.... need to keep forwarding to live.

    I am also into photography but I was a die hard film guy. Took me a while to get my first DSLR and finally got a cheap one. Impressed with the ease but heck.... lost the excitment in anticipant.

    Film rules.

  • My current heated up hobby is stereo playback. Another area that can easily burn hours of spare time.

  • haha, i am a film fans too, dont have a dslr yet, only a small dc for daily use,

  • I just have a lousy 350D. Needed to give in because I am too slow to take pics for my 2 little master (1.5 yr old and 3 yr old).

  • ah....i cant think of any current one, movie is my lifelong hobby, its like a very good friend of mine, now i am just doing research about diving, hope can get into the water in easter

  • very nice, kids are very good subject to take , and a very good reason to upgrade yr equipment, heheee

    i use canon too

  • hey, a brand new thread

  • Diving sounds fun... heck I wish I can swim better....

    I did play sailing before but the last time I was in a dingy, I capsized it.... so embarrassing....

  • mi,

    Yup. No longer Valentine day

  • gkk,

    I still look down on digital. 350D is good enough for my purpose. I partnered it with a 17-50/2.8 tamron. This is the max I am willing to spend on it.

    Photography should be an art of regret. Having too much flexiblility and seeing the pic immediately kills the fun.

  • technical discussions.... _

    guess i need to take up some good hobbies as you guys do... rather than going from one bad addition to another

  • Who said hobby is not addicting?

    It can be as bad as anything you can imagine.

    The only good part is you will have more control over it.....

  • Lunch time! Great, can walk a bit.

    Office can be soooo damn boring.....

  • Cheers.

  • enjoy your lunch. i'm staying in office...

  • wao, you must have a lot of fun that time

    diving need no high requirement on swimming, if u can swim like 200 feet (no time and style limitation ) or 300 feet with fins and mask , and float for 10 mins in water, than you are ok to learn diving already

  • Back with a rice box.

  • hi, all,

    may I join?! I like movies and outdoor activities a lot. I watched a movie called 落葉歸根 which is a nice one. For those days I was younger and with more energy, I play canoe, sailing, orienteering......these days are really far away from me now la.

  • Diving is something I am curious off.

    I took up sailing in my high school days which is long long time ago. The last time I got on a dingy was 5 years ago. I thought I could handle (like bicycle - you learnt it you learnt it.) but actually clueless. I capsized it, insisted on rectifying it with the lifeguard boat right next to me.... then then sail back 5 minutes later.

    While back to the shore, I wanted to find a hole to jump in..... Somehow I got the feeling that everyone around was smiling....

  • Hi Wow,

    Welcome to join. Everyone is welcomed indeed.

  • wow,

    Canoeing is fun. I remember I tried a "K" canoe before and was hard to handle. I am too weak for this sports thou.

    I like sports that can look intense but actually relax.... ;-)

  • I learned sailing long long time ago. The last time I sailed was in Singapore few years ago, it's too windy and I was so afraid to sail with my bf that he's not good at swim. I gave it up and retun the boat to hotel recreation reception. Indeed, I like sailing a lot as it is relaxing and exciting.

  • wow

    yup, my movie friends said 落葉歸根 is a pretty good one too, pity that i am quite busy this week, preparing stuff for the nyc, year end gathering everynite, and also, doing the big clean up for the house

  • wow,

    Sail is quite fun. Has been a while. I wonder if I still remember. But I used to be very intense on this sports. 5 days a week for the whole summer and then many saturday... Good old days.


    I also have a Canon EOS 5 camera. Quite nicely build thou I don't use it that much back then. Now rusted I guess..... Easy to use and very good in design. I love the quiet shutter.

  • musicfreak,

    The only technical term I remember in sailing is "no go zone" and "tekking" ( I was hit so many time by sailing boom (or mask??) for my slow response).


    yes, the movie is good. The story is touching and funny.

  • Wow,

    Scary experience.... One hit by can actually knock you out. Lucky you. :-)

    This is a sports that should need a helmet. The other one should be golf.

  • musicfreak

    i dont own a EOS 5, but my uncle does, have used it for couple of times, quite good, feels better than my 30, which i bot it very long time ago.


    have u watched barot yet? it is hilarious, couldn't stop laughing =P

  • gkk,

    sorry, I haven't heard about this movie la. Is it showing now?!

  • back from the cooking section.

    Found some cool recipe -





    蔥, 東菜頭(切花切粒備用)

    薑一大舊(一半拍偏, 一半切絲備用)



    1)一大煲滾水放入薑(拍偏), 將完隻雞放入, 煲十分鐘取起雞(用凍水令雞冷凍), 薑取出(掉走), 再放入已浸之米( 中火慢煲).

    2)待雞冷凍後, 手撕開雞肉(成條壯)


    4)待粥煲後, 用碗盛載雞絲, 東菜粒, 用大滾粥淋上, 放調味(即食).


    1)雞唔可以滾得太熟, 因為大滾熱粥淋上面會再令雞絲加熱, 如果太熟就會令雞肉過熟而鞋口, 東菜/炸菜/花生/薑絲/蔥等等因個人喜好而作調整.

    2)煲完之雞水會有雞油, 所以浸米時唔需要再落油浸, 煲出黎既粥會因有油而好綿開花.


    Sounds cool.

    Yup, I have nothing better to do now.

  • wow

    yes it is still on show , only in ymt broadway , really funny, definitely one of the best comedy in 2006 !!!

  • mi,

    Still here?

    Finally know what is (who is) Piazzolla. Learnt something new today. Will pick a cd to try out.

  • gkk,

    thanks for your recommendation. I'll watch and see whether your comment is justified.


    U are not in the office now??

    Btw, I would really like to watch Roger Water's Show tonite even I dont know the songs very much. But I have to 團年 tonight, so just go to buy a CD instead la.

  • In the office, pretending to be busy.

  • wow

    thanks, hope u will like it

    there are lots of choice in the cny holidays :門徒, Night At The Museum, Music and Lyrics, The Lives Of Others...... too many movies too little time

  • no one here?!

  • I am still here. Multi-tasking ;-)

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