I just finished a relationship and feeling is so bad.

  • Dear all,

    I just finished a relationship and feeling is so bad. I know I will be ok but need time.

    This relationship wouldn’t last long – 6 months. We saw each other 4 times as we both are busy, or we both didn’t love each other enough, or we might want to have a companion after work sometimes. I think I am just too stupid to fall in love to someone whom didn’t love me much. I could feel it from the start but I just wanted to try as I really love him. After he’s back from overseas, I found he’s drifting away and I am afraid to get hurt, so I am stupid to send him an email and said something might make him leaving me. Frankly, he’s not worth to spend my time to him but unfortunately, I fall in love to him.

    Feeling is still bad, very bad but sometimes things have to be solved and I have to face the fact – he didn’t love me.

  • sad & stupid,

    Don't be sad much, think here the one as same as u.

    Don't be sad, coz u did devote your love to him.

    You 're not stupid, stupid is he !

  • Feeling is still very bad and miss him so much. But he's still acting very cold, no reply mail.

  • 沒有其他傷害, 俾失戀更莫名其妙...

    明明痛得苦不堪言, 卻偏偏不斷回憶那屍殺場面...

  • Yes I agreed. I can't even cry out loud, that's why feeling like can't breathe when I think of him.

  • do you wanna go out and have a drink and talk tonight? you can even cry it out.

    msn: [email protected]

  • hello sad & stupid,

    i am 29 years old. 179cm. 70kg. muscular..gentle and considerate..

    please add me. thanks.

    [email protected]

  • I broke up with my bf just before the V-day.... he did not call me at all though we had more than two years happy memories.....

  • sad girl,

    分左手仲搵你做乜? 佢唔想搞喊你, 你明嗎?

  • 分左手仲搵你做乜? 佢唔想搞喊你, 你明嗎?

    by . -

    Do u think so?

    我們的感情原本好好, 但自從他的家庭成只介入後......... 我o地多咗好多argue... 最終因為咁而分開咗~~~

    Autually, 佢未正式講話分手,但又唔call我去搞清楚件事....


  • 又係你自己話 vday 前分手, 依家你又話未正式講, 咁即係點?

  • 佢話自從我搬咗番屋企後,我o地既感情已經開始轉變..... 感覺已不同.... 而且睇唔到的o地既將來.....

    我話:如果我堅持, 唔介意佢屋企人,唔介意無將來呢?

    佢話:你唔介意,我o地仍可以當無事發生... 但.... 真係唔同咗 (感覺, 生活 etc....)

    then, 我o地都無再搵大家啦 ~~

  • 又係講感覺, 冇得好講, 佢話乜都得

  • His former teammates wanted to ask him out for lunch after holiday and they knew we meet sometimes, so asked me to arrange it. Of course, they don't our relationship. Then I sent him a email and replied me & updated me something about him. Suddenly, I tried to ask him out in the coming holiday and his replied is "I hope so". Everybody knows that's mean "No". See I am stupid!!!

  • hi ss

    may i chat with u

    [email protected]

  • Why want to chat with me? rr22

  • My story is I got hurt from my ex-husband and we will sign the paper at last. This guy is unexpected! I thought I was looking for comfort from him when I found I got feeling to him at the very first. Later, I found I really fall in love to him and thought he did as he told me something in the email made me feel he was falling in love to me too. Suddenly, I want more. May be he felt pressure from me or may be he didn't love me that much. He started to drift away and I sent him an email to say something might make him upset or angry as I am so afraid to get hurt again. I don't know how to kick him out from my head - I think of him all the time.

  • sad & stupid

    time can heal, when the pain has gone, u will be good

  • 想一個不想你既人, 掉返轉頭, 一個你唔想俾佢煩既人, 佢不斷咁煩住你, 你會點呢? 我唔係想 hurt 你, 只係希望你有點平常心, 鍾意而得不到, 會恨, 愛而不能合, 都係愛, 如果你真係愛一個人, 唔係應該令對方開心咩? 每個身邊朋友都希望你活得快樂, 何解你要同自己作對, why????

  • I told him that he made me feel he's drifting away and I am not his afterwork dessert, if he just want to sex with me. Am I wrong? I just don't want to get hurt again, when I felt he's drifting away, I was panic. I might do something wrong and screw it up.

  • 你唔想受傷, 但依家你明知會傷都仲衝緊埋去, 仲有邊個可以拉得住你?

  • I know it! I might make him upset too! I made up my mind I wouldn't bother him anymore. See what would happen to us. If we broke up at last, I would accept that.

  • the very first thing gonna happen is... you miss him, then you will try to contact him, then you will screw yourself up again...

  • I am missing him a lot and tried to not contact him, then of course, don't want to screw myself up. I won't join the lunch either. I believe if he really loved me, he wouldn't give our relationship up so easy. Thanks! I will try my best to keep myself awake.

  • 接受現實, 唔好再對對方有任何期望

  • I am trying and I am looking for something to do... say... studying.

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