Unclemk. this is to comfirm with you that I will only love you no matter where you go. I promise that I wont go and find any better guys if your love still exist! uncle trust me please! Love You so much! Happy Valentines Day

  • MM, this is to confirm to you that i am not easy with spreading my heart around and do whatever comes into mind.... i may have said some things that may cause you to doubt that i will go somewhere/someplace.... but my heart and my future is here...my promise to you is that i dont have intentions with others even though it may seem like that... i merely want to know more people who i can also ask for directions in life.. you know damn well my love for you still exists and never stopped existing... i'm here if you need me... my shoulder for u to cry on, my chest for you to sleep on... my arms to keep you protected.... my heart to keep you loved at all times.... Valentines day is just a 'day' .... with you.... its valentines, christmas, new years...... every day.....

    Love u and only you



  • thanks uncle.....i loveu........nothings gonna change my love for u..

  • oo

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