can someone please share how much it is to have 2 cats per month? if you give them good food and good litter?

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  • Hey,

    I adopted my cat (DSH TS) from SPCA a few years ago. In terms of food and litter, I personally spend about HKD 400/month. I guess I spend a bit more on kitty litter coz I prefer my cat to have a clean litter box to use.

    Total upkeep is about HKD 450/month, factoring in annual checkup, membership and miscellaneous items.

  • If I saved, I could probably spend just HKD 300/350 per month, but I don't mind spending a little more!

  • hi thanks for ur reply, what is TS btw??

    u give them really good food? wow, so for 2 cats, that is around $900 a month??

  • Hi,

    Well, I've done some figures so as to remind myself what I spend....... Hope this is of some use to you.

    SPCA Membership = $200/yr

    Oral Gel (for cat mouth wash) = �120/year <br></br>Veterinarian Consultation + Annual Vaccination = $240/yr <br></br> <br></br>�2 Kilogram Cat Rice = �$55/month <br></br>�$5 Canned Cat food per day (for dinnertime!) = �$150/month <br></br>Cat litter = �$80/month *

    Newspapers for lining litter pan each day = �`$48/month


    Total $379.

    I think that's why I can't afford two cats ...... :-( So I just concentrate on one.....

    Note that the second two items are preventative measures to keep the cat in good health. For "?��", I lay out a fresh dish each day and my cat can snack as much as she likes, whenever she wants, which I think is more healthy since cats have small stomachs and should not overeat.

    BTW, please don't feed your cats anything but fresh water and professional cat food. Human food causes human style health problems which will lead to more Veterinarian cost.

    In the case of cat litter, I probably spend more than other people. This is because my cat insists on sleeping with me so I prefer to keep her litter very clean!

  • wow thank you thank you!

    That is useful and clear. What is the SPCA membership for?

    what kind of cat litter do you use? as in clumping clay, wheat, crystals??because i find litter very easy to get dirty.

    i guess the newspapers are ok, since you'll read them anyway...didn't know they cost that much though.


    i see, maybe in the future, you can afford 2 cats!!! =)


    the dish you lay out each day, do you put real cat food or cat snacks?

    maybe i'll take that approach too, leaving a plate out, i worry they'll get too fat though.

    by fresh water, do you mean boiled water, filtered water or simply tap water?

    thank you so much for your help!!

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  • Hey,

    sorry I didn't reply for several days.

    Membership - I don't think you have to be a SPCA member to obtain just Veterinarian consultation and annual vaccination. But you have to be a member if your cat requires an operation done at the SPCA.

    Cat litter - I just use natural clay. I personally prefer "Select" at Park n Shop because it is cheaper than "Johnny" or "Tidy cats". I use more litter because I do not allow my cat to go outside (in order to prevent her from catching disease.) My cat is also much happier with clean litter.

    Note about clumping clay because another person was concerned whether this is harmful for his cat : it is only a problem if your cat has a habit of eating litter. Clumping clay litter forms solid "clumps" of clay after the cat has passed urine or solids. This is easier for tidying up. You just use a shovel to take out the solid clumps. However, if your cat eats the clay, this will cause blockage and indigestion.

    Newspapers for lining : I only have to buy 2 or 3 newspapers each week. I read those HKET's and SCMP's anyway.

    Dish of cat food - I use "cat rice". That is dry cat food. Put as much as you can on one hand and see how much your cat eats during the day and adjust accordingly. The cat will take small snacks whenever she/he wants.

    But dry food all day, everyday seems too boring. So my cat can have her favourite can on tuna (wet cat food) in the evening for dinner! hahaha. :-)

    Fresh water - I use tap water. But let it sit for a day to allow the gas and pipe smell to escape. I think distilled water or cold boiled water is most healthy.

    BTW, sorry I cannot reply in Chinese. I'm using a Mac and Chinese characters appear wrong on this message board......

  • ->the dish you lay out each day, do you put real cat food or cat snacks?

    maybe i'll take that approach too, leaving a plate out, i worry they'll get too fat though.

    If you only feed your cats professional cat food, they will usually only eat as much as they need each time and stop eating. From what I have seen, it is human food that leads to obesity in cats. Then that causes things like heart disease and diabetes....

  • pets will get sick. the medical fees is a lot of money.

  • hi, thanks for your reply again!!! i can't type in chinese either, because of my computer functions. so i totally understand!

    i believe that cat litter is very important too, especially if they sleep with u!! haha. so maybe i'll try some clay litter.

    im just concerned that the cat will grow fat if you put a bowl out the whole day for them to seems to me that cats gains weight quite easily..and they always seem to finish the food within a short time....

    thanks for the tip on not feeding human food!!!

    uve been really patient, and helpful, and detailed. you must be a real cat lover! i appreciate your help! =)