• horse, queen advertising for u. that means u teaming with her. so i wont care yr advice, juz make one gone mad when all u ppl asking for other to work work work sacrifice sacrifce sacrifce. 30 yrs fr now, why i need to sacrifice my happiness on hand for sth so remote & unpromising. not even contract. why u not ask own wife do those. why u ppl travel around, date & marry & divorce & sleep around, enjoy life when it's yr own problem, & other unrelated sacrifice for u. why ???

    queen also promoting va. which means she thanks her for getting back money for her. or va not working for her at all. queen juz seeing her alimonies ass-kiss her. so when i get back everything, all of u hv to ass-kiss me too. if latter, that means sun is wrong previously in helping va do so. how u gonna compensate me then.

  • horse, u also need to hand over software.

  • yr wife loves u so, sure she wont care u no money.

  • even my own parents i not done so, u ppl any further. dying person also want this that & so much, so living person dun need necessities to survive for years dun forget b4 this, i already hibernate for 10 yrs.

  • u ppl not qualified & no abilties to manage softwares anymore, need to hand them over.

  • julie is helping u ppl. but u ask him according professional & true to his heart, what is really justice.

  • u not ask yr own wife to come out entertaining & get humiliated for the clients.

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