A crush on an assistant professor.

  • you are professor?

  • He was my tutor for a maths course in the first semester, 2006. I asked for help and visited his office for a couple of times and he spent at least 2.5 hours each time, solving questions in a casual atmosphere.

    He said to me that I should bake him a cake and so I did.

    After I finished my exam, it was for students holidays but not for educators at uni as they have to work and research during weekdays. I met him at the maths building and I got a male friend who was accompanying with me that we brought the cake together.

  • we chatted a lot and I asked what his age is. He said a prime number plus one and I figured it out. His age is 32 and he said it was right.

    He gave me a cookbook in return and he was one of the winner in that cookbook. He said I may try to make the thing that he made in that cookbook . However, I didnt do it.

  • so what's the problem?

  • ic tutor is different from assistant professor...........assistant professor are at the level of lecturer

  • I kept on visiting him in the second semester for other maths problem but he wasn't my tutor for any subjects anymore. I only visited him twice during that semester because he was going to overseas since then.

    He told me he would be back in October but starting from November he would be transferred to another college where I thought he should be staying in the same country.

  • Unfortunately he transferred to another country's uni for 7-8 months and now he's an assistant professor for that uni.

    I sent him an email for asking when he will come back to the country where I am studying. Additionally, I am studying maths and education and I hope I could be a secondary maths teacher after I graduate in 2 years time.

    I know it sounds inappropriate for a professor to fall for his students. What I am trying to exress in here is that I already noticed there was no rings on his fingers. I am not sure if he's single or not.

    And I admitted that I have a crush on him since the beginning of last year. I don't know what he thinks of me but I don't wanna freak him out by stating the fact that I like him.

  • way don't you ask him directly? Say you appreciate him a lot. If you are university student, you are mature people, as long as there have no conflicts of interest, it will be fine.

  • AP,

    I am too shy to ask him directly. Is there any indirect ways to testify him?

    Thanks for the reply.

  • he will not think of this , little girl.

    it's a high risk for you to ruin his career if you make the affair public after u 2 break up.

    why not concentrate on ur study, huh?

  • head of math dept,

    I understand the student-teacher relationship can cause the destruction of a professional career but look I am 21 and he's 32 and I will become a teacher after 2 years. How can I know if he will not think of this?

  • lagrange, i understand what you said as I teach in tertiary education, and I heard some of the case like yours, have to say some are really sucessful. Even me, I have girl student approaching me too. But I perfectly understand the balance. I think in tertiary education, ppl are mature enough and take reposibility on what they do. On my side, I will refuse all approaches (we know how to deal with it) and we can be good friend together.

  • AP,

    I've just received his email last night. He asked me whether I would like to do the honours at the uni where he is teaching now, which means if I transfer to that uni I could get the same certificate just like an exchange honours.

    His email sounds a bit vague to me,

    of course I know he would like his students to do honours but it was nice the way that he suggested me to transfer to his uni.

    I am so excited when I got his message as he asked me to send (bake) him some new cakes again. Hmm, it is very encouraging for me. Hehe..

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