what is the meaning of life?

  • to become a better man..

  • my life is work, sleep, repeat day after day, what's wrong with me? hardly can find some time for my personal life? salary is not really good, i feel very tired everyday, hardly can get enough sleep, is that worth?

  • the meaning of life is .............lives in ur life


  • i'm kinda lost my direction of life, one side of me knows i don't like this kinda life at all, but the other side of me ask me to adapt to the reality, very confused

  • itz a course to go thru...there are more tougher times to come in future...don't think it is already the worst in your life....you always face different challenges all the time....

  • one meaning of life is: to persist your ultimate goal no matter how difficult the situation maybe...

  • yes, you are very right, thanks for the words

  • you are welcome...i am happy that there are still people asking this question....wish you all the best in your life...

  • thanks, and you too

    i just feel very lonely and feel like my life is empty, don't know why, maybe when one gets older, they have fewer friends (or i should say friends have lesser time to be with you), and i feel myself always lack of energy, hard to pick up exercise again, oh my goodness

  • i think the meaning is different from person to person, and you need to find the one for your own, but i think the test is: when you say good bye to the world you will not regret that meaning you had found

  • this evening when i cleaned my room, i saw some of the photos which i took 4 years ago, i changed so much in this 4 years, looks like a different person, what a life

  • Explore this world! Seeing something, you've never seem before and taste whatever new to you!

    Earning all this in your life!

  • so...did you try hard to grab as much as you can (i.e. the things you want in life) during these 4 years? you gotta make your sacrifice paid off...

  • i'm trying that in the past few years, it works, and it keeps me refresh too, but you know, sometimes you need to have time and the creativity mind to explore all those new ideas

  • jamie,

    no, i didn't try, i think i have everything in life except a life long partner

  • See the lovely natural and in touch with difference people and culture is fun! Which countries, you have visited before?

  • Typo mistake!

    Seeing the lovely nature and in touch with...

  • yeah...itz difficult to cope up....and you can never upkeep what you could do when you were small....thatz why companies like to hire fresh graduates...when you got old..what they appreicate is experience and stability....not your creativity....

  • be yourself and that's life, there is no need to make yourself feel confused, we have already enough problems to cope with everyday, so, let your soul rest whenever you are off work :P

  • Explore this world! Seeing something, you've never seem before and taste whatever new to you!

    Earning all this in your life!

    by 和平與愛

    i think it's hard to do these things if the income isn't a lot . . .

  • try to see more in the world is what i'm doing now, i also appreciate the nature more than before, haha, sounds rediculous to me cos i never thought i'll appreciate the nature in ten years back, but most of the time during weekdays after work, i'm just a couch potato, soooooo tired from work

  • tigger,

    not really, it depends on how you want to use your hard earn money, some people prefer to spend on something they like and the others prefer to save it, so its just the matter of choice i think

  • haha...you will become a taoist soon....i appreciate and learn about the nature as well....if what you meant nature is the same as i.....

  • Sound like we were all suffering from work.

    Let's run away from city to country side during the weekend! I found that HK is still having a few lovely beaches and hills.

    Seeing the sea can relief you a bit!

  • probably it is natural for us to find consolation in nature at some stage of our life :P back to nature is just like when you are no more, you return to earth ~

  • hey, i won't become a taoist for sure, what i mean is i won't go hiking or something years ago but i'm doing it now, i'm not in such extend as you that to learn about the nature, i just look at it, haha

  • so maybe you should learn more about taoism...not to become a fanatic...just to try a new perspective to looking into this world...

  • yes, life in hk is not easy, once a while i'm going to the country side during the weekend, so refresh and relax, and you know what, sometimes i do feel like i want to live in there, but its just a dream, so inconvenience and take too much time to travel to work everyday, so its just a dream to me

  • if you called it a dream ~ have you ever thought about turning your dream into reality ?? once i also thought it impossible for me to live at the countryside, but now i am living at Hong Kong Gold Coast and enjoy the peaceful life there so very much

  • a few of my colleagues lives nearby gold coast and they spend 3 hours per day for travelling back and forth, i really can't afford that, once i'm off work, i just want to be home asap

  • that's sounds so troublesome ~ well, i only need to take about 45 mins for each trip to and fro wanchai ~ so, i really enjoy the days here, in particular that before i return to my apartment, i can have a drink or two downstairs ~

    somehow i think you should attempt a little change to your routine ~ for better or for worst ~ yet, it is still a change !!

  • i'll think about it seriously during the CNY holidays, agree with you that a little change in life is good

  • in the past i always avoid changes ~ i missed so many things and chances indeed ~

  • totally agree, if you never try, you'll never know

  • hahaha, and actually you are now trying something you have not done before ?? i mean chatting with net friends and then meeting them later ?

  • live the way you want, and just do no harm to your friends and family. be yourself, love yourself, love the one who love you.

  • no, tried that already, hahaha

  • seems you have something nice to share with us about your meeting with net friends ~ :P

  • haha, something nice? OR something funny? i think funny is the more appropiate word, haha

    how about you? did you meet any?

  • you can feel funny even when you meet a weird person and get some "unforgettable" experience ~ hahaha ~

    well, i met many ~ and last time it was a disappointment ~

  • how disappointed? in what sense? wanna share?

  • the gal became very aggressive at the later course ~ after some drinks and i thought she was a bit drunk ~ of course, she denied so ~

  • very aggressive at what?

    i met many arrogant guys that think they are on top of the world, hahaha

  • she took almost every word from me as offensive ~ i have to say ~ well, may be she has suffered from some "inferiority complex" instead (or i am also an arrogant guy??) ~ a long story to tell ~ and the first time i met this kind of situation ~

  • there are many different kinds of people in the world, so no matter good or not, its an experience

  • haha, a bad experience indeed ~ but i have to admit, this is necessary for life ~ and you ?? how was the last man you met ??

  • the last man i met was a net friend who chatted with me for 5-6 years, it was nice and i laughed for the whole night, haha

  • that's great ~ i also have a gal whom i have known for about 7 years, yet never met ~ congratulation and i guess your relationship with him will become a beautiful and long lasting one ~

  • not relationship, friendship only, we never thought we will meet in life all those years, we were only share the thoughts in life

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