what my ex bf did to me ...... have you known any guy as axxhole as this?

  • first time he brought me to meet his friends (dinner), he just ignored me, didn't even talk to me one word. Just put me aside. The other couple appeared so sweet to each other, help each other to fetch food, but HE just ignored me, didn't even talk to me or look at me.

  • One time i was late, becuase of an overrun facial (during facial I can't make phone call), then when we met up, I didn't know he was with his parents. Originally we planned to go meet his toher friends to China, but when I saw him, he was with his parents planning to do something else, but didn't even tell me and his friends that we're not going to China anymore. When he saw me, he kept scolding me loud why I'm late, didn't even let me speak to explain what happened. then his mom even started to scold me, and he didn't help me. I was sick that day, and still had to listen to he scold me. After a while, when his parents walked a bit away, he started to use foul language to talk to me, ask me to go away.

  • One time on the street, I suddenly lost a Marc Jacob badge that I usually clip on my bag. I like that badge very much. I told him its lost. we're actually in a mall and there's Marc Jacob in that mall. I wanted to find the Marc Jacob shop so I can get one back. But he didn't care, or help me to find the shop. I got a bit nervous, then he got mad and said I am "chee Q sin" and asked me to go away.

    one time, we were meeting for lunch. He asked me to meet him at the restaurant. then i waited and waited, i finally waited at the restaurant for more than an hour. Each time I called him to hurry up, he just said he's coming (his office is actually very close to the restaurant), end up he came in 1.5 hour later. i sat at that restaurant by myself for 1.5 hour.

    One time, we finished going to dinner. he drove me home. But its only 9pm something. I told him I don't want to go home yet and maybe we can do something else because its still early, but he wasn't happy, and started scolding me, and even asked me to leave his car, very rude attitude, yelling at me again.

    One time, i was at his home, his bedroom, found that he's chatting with other girls on friendster. And found out tht he has another friendster account with only girls names. And he called himself "single" in the friendster profile. Then i got mad, asked him to delete that account. He didn't want to do it, even got mad at me and again wanted to ask me to go home.

    lots of lots of other things that this axxhole did. I tell you girls here because i want you to beware of this person. I met him from Freindster. he found me on Friendster and wanted to become friends with me. then we became bf/gf. I think he always finds girls from Friendster. He thinks he's very handsome and smart, but in fact, he's a big axxhole, fat, ugly, big mouth (like thick sausage), big face, and he is a mainlander !!! His parents especially his mom is a bitch. His mom yelled at me and pushed me away and hit me on the street. And he didn't even try to help me.

    Girls, dont' get cheated okay?

  • sorry to hear that....he is really an axxhole

  • yes. I even later found out that he always meets those icq and friendsters girls and bring them to hourly hotel. He lives in North Point and there are lots of those hourly hotels there. He is very familiar with those hotels because he always goes there.

    I just want the girls to be careful. If you play friendsters, she.com, icq, just be careful becuase this man will first treat you very sweet and nice, then suddenly, will become a beast.

  • how old are u?

  • forget him la... u can find another good one!

  • too bad. Why not he treasured your good points? at least you are his gf.

  • Natalie,

    you want to know the answer?

    Boz both of you n the guy are so fcuking cheap!!!

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