anyone see a psychologist before? do you find it helpful or effective?

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  • 要個patient放開佢個心,先有用

  • gloria, have you tried before?

  • how to 放開佢個心

  • mo - 01/01/07 09:18

    What's your problem first?

  • yes. bilibala say what u want to say. even u think they will think u crazy, just say it. BUT do not act very madly, otherwise they will 'grasp' u to hospital. Some doctors very 'inch'.....just 'inch' them back. just talking together. YET be calm, they will lessen the medicine dosage bit by bit. if you 'strongly' ask them to cut down the dosage, they will say no.

  • um.....i say in case u need to take medicine. since my psychologist also asked me to take medicine. she is real good, she asked me to take the control myself.

  • psychologist asked me to take medicine which is 'opened' by another doctor.

  • I also had seen a psychologist before because of my marrige and work affairs.

    He asked me to describe the situation for him, what was my feeling at that moment, why I had this feeling and what did I act.

    Then he totally supportted me that I was not crazy, I was right to have this reaction. I further told me that something happened not because of my fault or I haven't done it well.

    Then he told me to do some exercise/ways to alter my thinking and control my emotion and came to see him again after two months.

    For my experience, if you have a friend who let you ventilate you feeling and support you, the effect is the same. The problems will not be solve but you can deal with it in a more positive attitude.

  • hi newsgroup, it's PTSD.

    jenferfer, is it necessary to take medicine? how did you find your psychologist? seems professional and kind?

    cococity, you sound happy with your psychologist also, how did you find him? do you have to take medicine?

    is it helpful and effective in general?

  • Mo,

    I am a nurse and working in Hospital Authority. We can contact Oasis Centre to see a psychologist if we have any emotional problem.

    He didn't asked me to take any medicaiton becausemy situation was not so bad to take any medication.

    Some of my friends who have depression (even had suicidal idea) need to see a clinical psychologist, take the medications and attend some group therapy regularly. They also say that it's useful for them and relieve a lot.

    The clinical psychologist were referred by their doctors.

    They say if a person have severe depression, medication and psychologist are really helpful. They can teach you how to view the problems in a more positive ways.

  • that's it. if someone under immense work pressure, life threatening, insecurity, continuous abuse etc etc. what's use of seeing psychologist. & ppl pretend to care by such superficial act yet continue harassing, isnt juz hypocritic.

  • thanks cococity, so it's completely free if referral by doctor right? i don't know about the policies in HK.

    just go to any doctor and tell them the situation?

    do you think there's any difference between finding a psychologist by referral or finding a private one? (might have to pay more though)

  • 我係中大情緒治療中心看緊clinical psychologist, 但可能看之前已看了2個月精神科醫生, 情況已有改善, 所以覺得看clinical psychologist作用不大. 可能看耐些會有用吧!

  • Who knows where to find a good psychologist?

  • @Klais said in anyone see a psychologist before? do you find it helpful or effective?:

    Who knows where to find a good psychologist?

    In fact, it is not difficult, you just need to contact the experts, not amateurs. Otherwise you can only make things worse for yourself. I, for example, already know that it is better to look here and find a specialist for yourself. They have helped me more than once to get out of difficult situations with dignity. I think it will be useful for you too! Good luck and success!

  • Psychologist does help, no doubt, provided you meet the right one. Some of the psychological problems need medication cuz it's physical problem, such as depression. Don't be hesitated, if you got problem, go for the right treatment.

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