Do not get marry.... you will regret it.

  • I just got married, can u tell me why you think we will regret it?

  • I am regret too. I want freedom! I want to divorce, but I don't wnat to hurt anyone! can someone helps me????

  • i'm totally agree with this...nowadays, all we need is maturity, patient, real love and true matching ..rather than getting marriage because of dreamong to be married.


    can i share with you about our stories?

  • sure tender...

    I feel so bad now... I've married with my husband for 2 years already...

    but dating as couple and marry as couple are totally different.... there's nothing can hide after you guys are married....

    I feel that I still want more freedom... I wish I still could go whenever I want without reporting to anyone...

    Also, my personality and my husband's personality are totally different... what I like to eat, he doesn't like. what he likes to eat, I don't like to eat... as I seeing him everyday, I feel really unhappy for 2 persons that living under the same roof, but have totally different mind, likes and dislike.... I really want to divorce, but I don't want to hurt.... I know he cares about me...

  • i planned to get marriage in 2008. I think i am so lucky because i can find someone that i really love and want to marry me. Many people feel loney and can't find a ture lover. Even i can't expect the marriage will last forever. I enjoy the love and care rather than freedom but it also depends on your partner's character. If your parter is too controlling. Educate him/her!

  • thanks pea,

    that's pretty hardtimes for both of you..yet, i'm under a seperation with my wife while i choosed my career...i would like to share to you about my love experience, just i feel a bit odd to open myself through the public screen and i 've never talked before. if you don't mind please try contact me then i can keep my privacy. appreciated.

  • pea,

    my case is exactly as what you described, my husband & i are living in totally differenct world, not only our favourites are different (food, fashion, taste etc.) but also our minds.

    however, we still treasure our marriage and relationship becoz we understand each other, we know that we can't change ourselves but to ACCEPT each other. We understand clearly that we came from 2 different worlds, but no big deal! If you know what "ACCEPT" means one day, you won't have such a hard feeling and it means you've grown up.

  • Hi all, hope you don't mind I write a bit in here.

    I love my husband, we have been married for 4 years, me too cannot 100% sure our marriage can last forever, but at least at this point to me a life time with him is not enough. There are heaps of things I like to do or eat but he doesn't and the other way around also of course. Marriage is to do with love, patient, respects and compromise. The art of compromising is hard, but for the one you love you will at least give it a try. Marriage is not for everyone that's true. People do change that's also true. Perhaps I am lucky, I found the one I love and who loves me, we got married and living very happy togther. What I don't understand is why get married if there are so many negative factors in the first place?

  • cupid & jb you guys are lucky...

    For me, choose to being marry is wrong. We didn't understand each other enough before we get married. We were kinda like want to get marry and get marry.

    We have totally different thoughts...

    he has been lying to me so many times. I gave him chance, and he did it over again. I just feel hard to living with this guy. I know what accept means... IF, there's nothing happened over and over again, I don't think those hurt our relationship so much, but he doesn't understand. Treasure? I did, but not anymore. Sometimes I think he's challenging me to see how much I can accept... I feel exhausted... I don't want to care, to think and to know.

    All I want is be my own, don't need to care about all the shxts, and have my own freedom.

    tender, sorry, I don't have time to send u an e-mail now, I'll do when I have time... I appreicate that.

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  • Do not get marry.... you will regret it. 係呀! 如果你事前無諗清楚, 唔清楚自己要乜, 唔知自己想點, 見到人做你就做, 咁唔單止係結婚, 做好多事都係咁 !

    兩個人去到結婚, 真係唔容易既事, 但結婚唔係一個終點, 而係一個新開始, 兩個人就算點CLOSE, 成長背景及價值觀都會有唔同, 坦白溝通, 易地而處, 先係相處之道.

    我都結左婚, 但得一D都唔REGRET,反而覺得結得遲, 唔係好唔好彩, 而係你地有冇盡力去培植過呢段婚姻.

    我同老公都有好多野唔似, 我急,佢慢, 我鍾意自由, 佢好有規律, 我唔食內臟, 鐘意日本魚生,佢相反 ............. 兩個人就梗係有出入, 睇下你點願唔願意改變自己去遷就. 而唔係要求對方去就你, 凡事總有COST.

    就算結左婚, 都可以有私人空間, 我去玩通宵, 老公都唔會反對, 老公去踢波, 我都無問題, 結左婚都仲可以係獨立個體

    結左婚之後有REGRET, 係因為你地婚前無睇清楚, 亦都錯誤估計婚後情況,. 等同於投資入錯貨, 下次學精D

  • independent pea,

    take your time!

    sounds you feel like needing a time on your own..your please try to go escape fpr a day or so ..maybe just take a ferry to lamma island and sit alone at the quiet beach for a afternoon..

    anyway, i'm a lonely traveler and perhaps i feel abt you right(or wrong) me anytime you feel like for we may go to somewhere this world n people never know..

  • is always active in sex and relationship boards looking for free sex. Always try to think he is like some charismatic traveller with the life style of Johnny Depp. He is more of a jerk. Sex and leave the girl. he constantly pretends to be someone to sing praises on himself. Soon, you will find some person in this thread saying how good he is or how true he is. What a jerk!

  • no matter if is active in sex and relationship boards or not... I won't go travel with him/her anyway... lol

    coz I am not living in hk...

    but thanks tho...

    I told my husband what I think.... and I told him I want to divorce already....

    He asked me to think about it deeply...

  • Hey Pea,

    If you think it is better to leave it as it is and start a barnd new page in life go ahead, as long as you are happy just follow your heart. :-) Be strong, it won't be easy, make sure this is what you want though. Good luck!

  • thanks cupid...

    I just cry tho... my husband seldom writes blog unless he's not happy.

    he just wrote it and telling people don't trust the lady who sleep beside you. It really hurts me, he still doesn't understand why I think/thought about divorce with him. I feel/think that he's so selfish. All he cares is himself.

    So, I guess we both made up our mind already, it is just the matter of time. How to say it out... sooner or later, it will happen.

  • 無怨不成夫婦

  • Pea,

    If you can really give him up no matter what he does now won't be able to hurt you no more, you know what I mean? Numb and really don't give a shxt..

    But you are still writing about him.... When a woman's heart's dead, that is, no way can ever turn back, nothing more to say.

    You are sad is it because you still love him deep down?? Or you think that it is a pity to give it all up after all these time?

    Some women can forgive their man even he had cheated on her, some can never. Both way has a reason and either way are right, just depends on which way suit you better.

    All of us are selfish, it all depends on which way make yourself feel better and happier.

    All couples (married or not) will have fights - big or small, arguments, conflicts etc.... sometimes you can never get an answer on things, it just happened that way....if you can accept, then forgive and forget. If not just put a foot stop and go on with your life.

    Think clearly and do not make a wrong decision which you will regret more later on in life.

    Cheer up! Tomorrow will be a better day.

  • I did tried hard to maintain a good relationship with him, but what I feel from him is "married couple" is set for everything, and he doesn't bother to care, and now... I don't have the energy or the "heart" to maintain it...

    yes, I do still care about him, but so what? the cut is too deep... there's no way to heal it...

    but thanks a lot cupid.

  • Were you expecting too much from him? There must be somehting in him that made you married him in the first place.

    If you still do care for him means you cannot let go yet lor. Pushing yourself to trash something you might still love is not a good move isn't it?

    Have you ever wonder the person who is hurting you most can actually be youself? Without knowing of course. Think too much into things, think only the negative ... is it really not possible to foget all those hurtful things you guys have done to each other and start over? Let go all the details, just because there are still love?

    If he doesn't care no more then he won't get upset and ended up angry and write blog about you.

    No matter hwat, just make youself happy pea! Life is too short.

  • thanks cupid, i really appreciate that...

    yes, I admit that I still care about this man. somehow, I think I am expected too much... but if he didn't give me hope, i wouldn't be upset... these happened to me over and over again, I just can't bear it anymore... if we both let go, we would have better lifes for us... Life is too short, so I don't want both of us living like this...

  • No worries pea.

    Follow your heart, happiness is all up to your own mind, good luck!

  • cupid

    last night, I dream of my husband and his ex... in my dream, they went back together... and I was so upset... I was crying and crying... does it mean I still really care and love him a lot? I am confuse now.

  • Hi Pea,

    It can mean either:

    1) you still love him loads

    2) you lost to her/him and you are angry

    But I guess you know deep down your heart which one is youself.

    As I said why push youself to give up something you cannot even let go?? That is a bit mean to yourself no? Is the problem b/w u 2 really that bad, cannot be fixed?

  • 心淡... I don't really care what this guy does already... but on the other hand, I don't wnat to hurt this guy... I m confuse...

  • If you are really 心淡 then you won't bother to write so much about you & him or evenb cried because of him......

    I think you are disappointed as you have expected more than what he has given, but you are still hoping he might change?

    Don't mind me ask, has he ever cheated on you or somehting??

  • he never cheated on me... like the case as having the other woman... but somehow... he lies too much...

  • What does he lies about?

  • sorry cupid. i can't tell here.

  • Understand, no matter what, hope you can figure out what you want to do soon and become happy again.

    Merry Christmas!

  • thanks cupid, you are so nice...

  • pea..i am planning to divorce too..

  • I am WRONG... I though after marriage, husband will take care of you pamper you, for me he only think what he wants... stay with his family, nver go out, I must work hard for my young son... End up worsen than SINGLE

  • hi eeeeeeeee

    how old are u and how old is your son? are u alright?

  • anyone got divorced less than one year after getting married?

  • me not even 2 years yet, but i want to divorce

  • 我只是結了婚2個多月,但已經想離婚,結婚後,真正開心的日子,亦只有十九天.





    愛,讓我們走過過去9個困難重重的年頭; 愛,讓我共渡患難,然後在難關之後更愛對方就是愛,叫我們不捨離棄對方, 是愛,讓我們糾纏,也是愛,叫我賭這一次;但愛並沒有把我們改變,變成另一個適合對方的人.



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