想買碎粉, 有無牌子推介?

  • 用開 Giorgio Armani, 亦用過 Laura Mercier, 個人覺得 GA 較適合.

    但想試�翵銗L牌子, 有沒有好介紹?

  • Go to May's in TST. They have this collection of loose powder in different colors, you'll see jars and jars of them. May's sells them by amount, they'll just measure the amount you want and dump them into a plastic bag. Then buy your own loose powder case in Sasa or Bonjour.

  • haba

  • T. Lecare......幾貼, 同埋係有護膚成份....係用米造架

  • 請問 may's 在 TST 哪裡? 是否 brand name?

    T. Lecare 是否指 T.LeClerc?

    這兩個 brand 分別幾多錢? Thanks!

  • 32°C

    very smooth

  • make up forever

  • Sofina Raycious---Make your skin very pretty & smooth.

    KP (micro-sheer powder)is my best choice,very good comment received among my Japanese friend.

  • 本身去開Joyce買粉底用,試過"劇場板"後,實在太好用, 仍未想變心. 莎莎有售. $49 咋

  • 劇場板 is too pinky.....although I agree it is cheap........

  • Cdp is the best..

  • I also vote for KP!

  • inoui in 靚靚化妝品 & nars

  • KOSE都唔錯, 不過用完之後都係貪平, 買左劇場版!

  • how about shu umeura? Thanks.

  • 咁�猧he.com有T.LeClerc 的蜜粉 coupon, 我今日去換�鱄� sample, 睇�黈蘆G如何.

    我有試過劇場板上手, 感覺顏色較pink, 所以無買. 不過價錢真係好吸引.

    KP 幾多錢?

    Paul & Joe 大家覺得如何?

  • Aiya I'm not sure tim. It's my cousin who recommended me, she's a makeup artist ar mar.

    May's is at 美麗華商場2樓, they have lots of good products, even though you might not know the brand. I assume you already know how famous May's is ga la.

    BTW, T LeClerc isn't very good, powder isn't fine enough.

  • Maggie,

    真係唔好意思, 我真係唔識May's.

    May's 是舖頭名或brand name of loose powder?

    Anyway, thanks for your advice.

  • 試�覾.LeClerc個 sample, 覺得d粉粒較粗, 然後發現生�鰷伢t瘡, 唔知有無關係...

    暫時仍未諗到買邊隻 brand, 唔知大家仲有無介紹?

  • summer:

    我都有試過T.LeClerc個 sample,我覺得幾好....

  • katy,

    粉粒較粗我係將佢同 GA 及 LM 比較的.

    佢畀咩顏色你? 佢畀�躖anane, 黃色的, 佢話大部份人都買呢隻色, 但我覺得黃得濟.

  • I'm using Bobbie Brown and Covermark.

    I like the colour of BB (several different colour to choose) because I have yellowish skin tone and BB powder is yellow base.

    But the texture of covermark is better, but its more pinkyish base though.

    I want to try KP and GA. Which one is better?

  • Sofina is very good, looks natural.

  • yes, Sofina is good also.

    I tried LM, but I think the texture of Covermark or Sofina is better.

    I found the Japanese brands are nicer.

    But I heard a lot of sisters said GA was good. So I'm so tempted to try.

    BTW, anybody use NARS loose powder?

    I only have NARS foundation, but don't have its loose powder? any good?

  • pamela,

    NARS loose powder is quite good. I have one called 'snowy', nearly colourless but with a trace of radiance once you apply it on face. For me, it's better than LM's and with a cheaper price (thought the price is actually more expensive, around $320 for NARS and $260 for LM, NARS one is much bigger in size.)

  • May's is a store, and they carry different brands. I can understand why some ppl don't know much about this place. Their clients are mainly professional makeup artists. I think my mom told me once the owner is head makeup artist of TVB Chan Man Fai, or he teaches makeup lessons there.

  • Last night I walked past GA stall in Festival Walk. I think it's loose powder is not fine enough. I still like KP more, finer and colour is more suitable for me, he he!

  • Cecilia,

    The NARS' BA recommended "Eden" loose powder for me, but I didn't buy it at that moment. I tried "Eden" on hand, it didn't have the trace of radiance which you mentioned. But the colour is nice - darker than "Snowy". I didn't try the "Snowy" on hand but I remember that "Snowy" is much lighter than "Eden", I think my skin tone is much darker and more yellow tone than you.

    Is "Snowy" more like a shimmer powder without adding any colour to face?

  • Are any sisters using NARS liquid foundation? I have its "Balanced foundation" since I have dehydrated skin. But I checked out the ingredients, the "Balanced" has mineral oil and lanolin. I heard some sisters from other thread talked about the mineral oil which is not good for skin. I wonder if anyone knows about it.

    A friend of mine is using the "Oil free" type, so there's no problem with it......

    Sorry, I'm off the topic.....

  • xa,

    Do you know the price for both KP and GA?


  • 今日去睇過唔同 brand loose powder, 如無意外, 應該係 Kanebo Faircrea 及 Sofina 新出的 loose powder 之爭. 因為我想有珍珠粉末(有少少 shimmer) 0既效果.


    今日我諗住行TST 海運KP, 但好似正在裝修. 後來我在旺角莎莎看到 KP, 佢�]好似賣 $260, 但唔知連唔連 case.

  • 我覺得t le clec勁好用, 買左兩盒啦

    我未聽過mays, 我諗我唔會試o羅, 都係大牌子安全d

  • Lancome


  • 我有一盒貨裝的Covermark碎粉,因少化妝,只用了20%,仍很新正,及有原裝紙盒。CoverMark (皇牌碎粉) Moist Lucent Power Color#2 Natural Lucent ,現售HK$100,有興趣可E-mail 至[email protected]

    雖這盒碎粉是用過,仍屬乾淨衛生。它的包裝是粉與粉樸分開擺放的,每次上粉時,我是打開少少盛截碎粉的盒蓋,用包裝附送的小匙羙"畢" D碎粉落另外放粉樸的兜上,然後用粉樸上粉,姊妹可放心未用過的碎粉是立刻封口,不會暴露在空氣很久,或直接與粉樸接觸。

  • pamela,

    For snowy, u cant see any shimmers/glitters in it, but once u apply it on ur face, your face will become more radiant. It's a little bit whiter when you look at it, but it's nearly translucent when you apply it on your face. Do try it in counters, just see if it's suitable for you before buying it. I think I'm not very fair, use fdn with codes like IPSA 101 and CDP OC-10.

    BTW, for the matter of liquid fdn, frankly, i seldom use liquid as most of them are very oily and thick, I'd rather use tinted moisturizer/sunblock with tint + loose powder.

  • lLaura Mercier Brightening Powder $150

  • To Pamela,

    I am not interested in GA so I did not check its price, he he. For KP, it's $34x and it can be used for over 4 months.

    To summer,

    Really? Mongkok Sasa selling KP at $26x? Are you talking about its loose powder? Which MK Sasa?

  • Push!

  • ...

  • 用KP呀! 靚,薄而且貼.

    Laura Mercier定妝夠好, 沒咁容易出油

  • xa,

    旺角荷裡活商場 (商務對面) 那間, 落一層地庫其中有個 booth 係賣 KP, 另一個 booth 係賣 covermark. 我只係見個呢間 sasa 有賣 KP or Covermark.

    其實我唔係太記得個 price, 因為我只係試�鷜閬a, 同埋�鶪擏皒桯L太多brand, 所以我撈到d price 好亂. 我試�鶖伬霅閬酗H想買, 不過個 sales 好似話 case 另計, 所以要問清楚至好買.

  • 話時話, 我想買的碎粉帶有 radiant 效果, 但我見通常d brand 都係無色碎粉至有 radiant.

    Beauty de kose係有 radiant, 但質地麻麻.

    有無邊隻有色碎粉又有 radiant 的?

  • I love using different loose powder.

    My favourite loose powder is covermark, with very fine & smooth texture.

    Recently, i also bought the clinique's new loose powder of the whitening line. Its texture is also smooth, with cool sensation & little shimmer.

  • covermark,幾好,好抵用,買一盒,用咗成年都未用曬,,

  • Thanks summer, I'll check it out!

  • may's 賣的化妝品其實係主要for 電視電影或專業化妝師 佢d 牌子係外國牌子for professional makeup架, 所以係好嘢黎架. 我見Gary Chung, Felix 同 Ricky Chin都有提過may's 入面d 牌子 e.g. viseart, kryolan (唔記得係咪咁串) , 當然, 唔係professional就未必岩用啦.

    而我地平時都亦未必用得到, 但係碎粉我覺得唔怕, 去到試岩先買都台�.

  • 我係打:

    點解出咗d 咁嘢既?

  • 唔記得講, 我個人鍾意

    inoui (勁淺peach)

    cdp (勁淺pink)

    AQ (勁淺紫粉紅)


  • ...

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