Pulp Fiction

  • ^^ 人妻 波兒 where are you now?

  • 好鍾意輕輕力咁咬你個lin頭, 咬到你啱啱痛

  • @colt160

    Support bro, keep the thread up.

    The biggest was in US, they had different measurements as you can imagine. Using HK size everyone would be ZZZ. I had some big Ds. They are like a small melon. Hard to find in HK.

  • @bacon Thanks and welcome to join the thread. I am not writing anything particular. Just use this a place to release my feeling. No preset direction.

  • How many contact still active in your Skypes? Sitting in from of a desktop makes one more focus to get know of the other. Mobile phone is really "check the pic and go" .... Never any solid exchange

  • @colt160

    Yea, no doubt. I wonder how this site used to be. Fairly new here. Seems like the same few guys just copy paste their WeChat Skype names all over like a dog marking a lampost.

  • Best adventure game is to date a stranger out, date her, take her cloths off and sleep with her....

  • 女性的你,有冇試過10p 玩到腳都陣曬?

  • A holiday without any good news after it is over is not a holiday. It is just a waste of time.

  • Just delete a very troublesome ex sex partner phone number, always texting to look for way to cheat stuff. Some women just are not learning. We are here to sex, not getting unnecessary non sense.

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