Looking for a communicable sex partner

  • Seriously seeking a good partner for fun

    I am a newly single guy in his late 20s. Broke up last month. Tired of any serious commitments for now. Simply looking for a partner in crime.

    However, I am pretty sure about my desire and what I want. That's why I'd like to post about my ideas and see if any ladies would like to give it a try.

    My preference for a great partner is: Mature, curvy and communicable. Willing to talk about sex or even flirt during times we cannot see each other. Happy to try new things and experiment with me. Respect and believe we are in a fair relationship, that none of us is being deprived in this NSA bond.

    If you would like to keep your personal side to yourself, that's fine, I am happy to stay discreet and not share about my other aspects of life too.

    I am 1.75m tall, well-educated and westernized. Have a stable job and a decent size of tool and body.

    Do drop me a line here or LINE ID: house_md1 or email: house_md@live.hk

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    Add me Wechat. raymondkwk

  • Raymond? Nice to meet you but I am straight. Good luck with whatever you're seeking.

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