Not easy to find a soulmate

  • Guess daisy was answering me....

    Understand, ppl need companion & women need more care as well,.

  • All human beings are greedy.... unlimited wants

  • Human nature...
    Why u still up so late?

  • sleepless about u? no need to sleep and work tmr?

  • sorry to hear that(sleepless)...

    cant stay awake & went to bed, yes need to work today ^.^

  • Daisy said:

    I won't denied it, especially the thunder and rainy night......

    seems that lightening and thunder always wakes up lonely heart.

  • Old School Boy, it really wakes my loneliness..... but he will not next to me anymore.... so sad!

  • @powerpowerj said:

    I'm not sure if I'm really looking for a soulmate, an SL or an SP. Perhaps I should call her an online partner? In these 15 years since university time, I've been lucky enough to find three such partner. The relationship started with either cyber or PS. But as it went along, we shared our ups and downs in our conversations. We still have sex over the phone (text or voice), but we enjoyed the conversations as much as we enjoyed the sex. We had our respective partners in our real lives. But the online relationship fills the void left behind by the real life. It was so satisfying. But it is really hard to find such online partner. It's difficult to find someone who is close to you in values and at the same time fit each other well in sex. Meeting someone, even online, depends a lot on fate.

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  • Daisy, bright morning always comes after long dark night. Just believe.

  • I hope so... just like now, sleepless again. Who can give me lullaby?

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