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  • Hi, names Warg, I am 32 and I work in the design field as a product designer... life's tough and hey, whats new? Just that me and my friend with benefit had to put an end to our relationship cos she was finally putting her foot down for her marriage and etc (which is great to her), and that effectively ended our special bonding. It's been a year and I just wonder if theres anyone out there thatI may just meet up somehow, somewhere...... well you never know right? A bit more about myself first? I am 178, looking pretty standard i guess, regular build, not super muscular but surely not skinny. I love sport, racket sport mainly and in case this ain't obvious enough, I love sex :) (hope you do too).

    So~ I am looking for someone whos sexy and passionate about the fun, not really that pushy about making things happen as its always good to chat and learn a bit first, sit down for a drink beforehand, to me getting to know each other a bit more is not a bad thing for sure. Well I hope I may get lucky and find someone with similar pespective.

    If you think thats you, say~ :)

  • 好長的英文

  • My apology, i can read Chinese alright but just can't type it. :P Feel free to reply in Chinese though.

  • A day off does not always mean a lucky day o_o

  • Lunch time :P Play time?

  • HALO~~

  • 咁你識唔識寫中文?我教你打中文。哈!

  • Not gonna say no to that actually hehehee, but I think the problem is I am left handed and its a bit hard for me to get all the strokes priority right hahahaha~ I am sure thats gonna come in handy :) Since no one replying might as well learn something while I am waiting for the right girl to tack along.

  • @wargnarr said in Looking for an interesting girl...:

    Not gonna say no to that actually hehehee, but I think the problem is I am left handed and its a bit hard for me to get all the strokes priority right hahahaha~ I am sure thats gonna come in handy :) Since no one replying might as well learn something while I am waiting for the right girl to tack along.

    Oh ........ 原來你左手既!

  • Yup thats right~ :) so what input method you use for typing Chinese?

  • @wargnarr 我用筆劃架,不過其實都無乜分別,因為我發現有啲筆劃都係有啲唔同先打到!所以左唔左手無乜關係!我覺得...............!

  • hmmmm~ the board huh? I got my drawing board.... but it takes too long to write, and probably due to my super ultra ugly writing style (still blame being left handed), it seems to have difficulty picking up correctly. You seem to read fine though so I guess we can stick with English for now~

  • @wargnarr

    i cant understand why a person at early 30 not knowing how to type chinese. believe it's taught in school these days.

    no offense~

  • No problem mate :) I really don't know... I guess I don't really need to type Chinese in my field.... Don't really have much excuse for it hahahahahaa~ I suck in that area and yes I am totally with you. Its more like i couldn't be bothered to try picking it up as I won't blame my college for not teaching that since we were educated in Chinese. Again, no excuse :( its the basic and no i do not possess it.

  • @wargnarr 筆劃係打!唔係手寫板!唔緊要啦,都仲有好多人唔識打中文既!又唔關歲數事既!確實有好多人都係用英文多,唔識打英文又無傷大雅既!😉

  • Typo ~~~ 係唔識打中文😂😂

  • 咁真係未必同age一定有關,我大版主n年,我都會要求自己去學


  • 到你到左返老還童既階段就唔需要咁在意扮唔扮後生啦!到時人人都會話你似個小朋友!😂😂😂😝

  • Its useful for sure, I think I just lack the motivation to push myself to go learn only. Maybe if I need to use it more often then i will really get to use it more often. The thing is the less you use then sometimes the characters will just start slipping off~ Thats why i try to read more Chinese books already. Its impressive that you picked it up yourself though (thumbs up~). And no I don't really consider myself old at all hahahah~ Just like the other day I was playing tennis with a 22 years old player, NEVER GIVE IN!!! (FIRE)

  • 溝通到就可以啦!😉

  • oh and yes I 200% agree that once people got to a certain age, they start behave more like a kid hahahahaa~ thats the case with my grandma XD

  • 如果溝通唔到,話知你打字有幾快都無用!

  • Lena said in Looking for an interesting girl...:



    anyway 我多事啫,唔阻你地

  • Lena said in Looking for an interesting girl...:


    我冇話打得快,just i believe long learning, that's all.


  • life long learning

  • Life time learning for sure :) cheers~

  • Sleepy~~~ Coffee? Black? White? starting digging into the nespresso capsule drawer~~~

  • 唔阻呀!我都認同終生學習既!正如女人終生都學習點減肥一樣!😂😂

  • Learn about diet huh? any tips? I may use a few tips on that myself heheheh... all i know is workout as much as possible. :P

  • @wargnarr 我首先要學既恆心,可能就係Leo想表達的啊!

  • I do have 恆心 in certain things, I tend to have 恆心 in workingout, but when come to really hardcore diet like only eating chicken breast..... then that i can't do hahahahaha. Best just try eat more veggy.

  • @wargnarr 人生毫無樂趣 😣😣

  • Why all of a sudden seems so blue? o_o?? Don't worry I am pretty sure my life ain't much better than yours hehehehe. Well if wanna let some steam out feel free to share :) hahahahaha~ starting as post for picking up girl now its like random friends chat hahahaa~ matters not i think i am enjoying this alot anyway :)

    I got alot of family issues myself too... sister was seriously sick and my parents got some problem too... phew... stress.... sometimes when you think things are finally looking better, then it all turns ugly. But hey! Cheers up Lena :) I am at least a bit lucky to find someone i can talk to here. You see? look on the bright side.

  • @wargnarr 😂😂😂其實我意思係........減肥係毫無人生樂趣!

  • It sure ain't the most exciting thing to do really. Thats why I prefer doing sport more than focusing too much on food diet. Burning it instead of super tight on food intake. But of cos not like i will go eat like theres no tomorrow.

    You workin Lena?

  • @wargnarr working ~~~~ 可以係又可以唔係!哈哈

  • o________O? self employed then i guess?

  • I wish i am a freelance worker :) alot more free time

  • @wargnarr product design 好難做freelancer喎!

  • Mmmmm~ its not impossible, once you got the connection then things will just flow. Its of cos less stable. But its surely not impossible. I still think I should proceed that way. Sometimes its hard to let go of what you got and dare to take risk...

  • @wargnarr which aspect product design u're working on ?

  • I do electrical appliances :) hourware stuff or other gatgets too

    *You got wechat or something? if you don't mind you can find me on there :) Wechat ID = wargnarr

  • @wargnarr why dun u use skype ?

  • I sure do :) Whats you account?

  • @wargnarr Do u mind I add u ?

  • Pls do :) I am Warg Lee with The TED as profile pic XD

  • @wargnarr skype ID Wor !

  • sorry my bad~ gaponegap@gmail.com :P

  • @wargnarr added

  • haven't been loggin with my mobile skype for long, phew~ guess i got too attached to my office skype hehehhe

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