look for male SL

  • i am 45, 179cm, wechat: youichicheung

  • Hi Miss,i am 48,non smoker,heiht 179,normal built,please leave me msg ,chat in wechat,
    My id..jon2883

  • hi, i am a 40s divorced man, strong and sporty and full of sense of humar, you can call 69924299 or whatapps also ok, wait for you

  • seriously looking forward to seeing you . wechat : seriousmatureman

  • Hello , I am 37 decent look, 178cm fit, drive, looking for lovely Sl
    my wechat jimck2000

  • add all

  • I am old and mature
    Wechat me update2888

  • 我39歲男, 都想搵sl,.加我: we chat: alvinchiwai, Skype: alvinlee0716

  • Hi Miss, i am 45, nice, kind and gentle. Is possible to share more with you?
    wechat: sniper979797

  • 37M 178tall 165lbs
    wechat 858 952 721

  • Hello, Miss
    I am a 37 man, like watching MMA, basketball. Cult film, Rock music lover, pleasure to chat by WeChat, pls add: rayxierayxie

  • How much per sex

  • hi, nice to meet you, i'm 41, decent look, not fat, have car, work in kowloon, mind to further chat in we chat?

    please add me if ok, tks .

    we chat Id: Timmychan0309

  • Hello Miss,

    I am 42. I am exactly what you are looking for.

    Please add me wechat : waitingyouok

    See u !!

  • Hi Miss,

    Shall we talk?
    I m gary 179, 160lbs and 42...
    My wechat garychansf

  • 有無睇緊架?

  • Man in 30 early,good look ,176 cm talMan in 30 early,good look ,176 cm tall,medium body,talkative, like swim and gym. Add me wechat: alfred681 .Please add me to chat chat!l,medium body,talkative, like swim and gym. Add me wechat: alfred681 .Please add me to chat chat!

  • Dear Lady

    Good morning, just visit here and see your post, i guess i will be a nice one to you, seem i am a mature man who understand your feeling & heart, also we look for a nice feeling in our life soon, hope i will be a lucky one to chat with you more, to see how match we are. Here is my wechat to you: colorful-life14

    Sorry that i can't stay here for a long time to check the message, wish to see you in other side soon, then we can share more for our life.

    Anyway, thanks in first and wish you have a nice day!

  • Hi Miss, nice to meet you here. I am 45 yrs old and single. Please add me @xavier4c at wechat.

  • Hihi , anyone still up?

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