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  • We've talked about this for a long time. It started with her telling me about other guys she fucked before we met. She had more than 30 lovers, the best of whom had been a Swedish guy with a cock she adored. I encouraged her to think about fucking him while I ate her pussy or used the vibrator. Her strongest orgasms where when My cock head was just in her, the vibrator was on her clit, and she fantasised about his fat cock inside her. Knowing she was excited about another man's cock gave me my strongest orgasms as well. I often shot my cum over two metres.

    We continued fantasising for several years, but recently we both wanted to go further.

  • 唔死都冇X用!

  • what a shame to have a man like thread owner

  • seems like you and your wife are both porn movie stars.

    beware of AIDS... you will die miserably...

    shame on people like you....

  • Conservative Hong Kong women are boring. No wonder so many men come here looking for sex when they have dead fish like you to fxxk.

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