A tall, decent, single, 31yrs old gentleman looking for a drink mate tonight (Tst area)

  • hi all, I am 31yrs old, 178cm/ 5'10, looking for beautiful woman to have a drink happy hours tonight, I am humor, talkative and welcome to contact me at wechat: thebat82

  • W HOtel

  • w hotel is not my word...

    Pls wechat if feel interest

  • are you married?

  • Lady replied at 2015-06-19 5:50 pm


    are you married?


    skype:ganman23 wechat:kelviniu23 phone:五一819八七四line:ganman23 kakao:stiong23 email:bg3@live.hk

  • i am single. Any pretty wanna a drink tonight?

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