Urgenly & Serious need help

  • Hi,我係一個好nice&外表ok嘅女仔,但我最近嘅財政狀況嚴重出現問題,嚴重到連住&生活費都出現好大問題,所以我真係好需要一個有能力又nice嘅男可以照顧我now, 大家能輕鬆自然舒服相處,認真又能真正幫到我嘅有心男請留we chat詳談,thanks.

  • add me 6556 9458

  • I do believe I am a decent candidate who will be able to help you accordingly.

    34歲正常正經男人,受教育及樣子ok, 想揾樣子及身材

    都起碼ok的女仔. 只要你有質素,所有deal 也可大家傾吓及考慮。

    如果你有質素及真的有興趣,可以wechat 我及介紹自己。 Thank you very much and have a nice day. Fine detail of the deal and offer will be disclosed over WeChat exclusively.

    WeChat ID: F20110708

  • hi, I may help you

    my wechat: steamboy2015

  • are u OL, do u minmd I am 42, thin?

  • Hi,

    I am 40 years old

    Wanna to know you and support you

    I am normal working people, like to enjoy life

    Wechat ID: milonguy

  • If u cannot support me 10k per week , no need leave Wechat

  • good luck...

  • A replied at 2015-06-04 9:48 am


    If u cannot support me 10k per week , no need leave Wechat


    i like that too. can anything offer me 10K per week?

  • I am lady

  • siuye.chau

  • Hello,

    Shall we chat further to see what I can help?

    wechat: dust-in-the-sky

  • hi, i am a mature man, mywechat, jon2883

  • why not.......... 10K jap yen, hahaha

  • 好多人呃水吹, 呃講3級野, 小心

    ps marcus 是老吹精

  • Hi A, nice to see your thread here. I hope we can get what we want here. If you are serious, let's discuss further in wechat : gentle1967


  • 留 email ok ?

  • a replied at 2015-06-04 11:04 pm


    留 email ok ?


    sure. Pls send email to : manufan2014@hotmail.com


  • hi my wechat jim8171

  • 點解咁多人冒我⊙_⊙ 我今日有d事,我會遲d add你地,thanks.

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