sp wanted

  • 25 years old lady wants to find a nice and caring sp
    anyone interested?

  • hi

    skype: sin0524@hotmail.com

    wechat: sin0524

  • yes, if you are interested, you can add my wechat ianmoone2011

  • hi Ella

    let wechat more..


  • ella

    may i?

    36 yrs

    173cm, 152lbs

    presentable appearance

    caring and considerate

    office work with car


  • hi everyone, how o???

  • danny replied at 2015-05-19 11:20 am



    may i?

    36 yrs

    173cm, 152lbs

    presentable appearance

    caring and considerate

    office work with car


    wechat: dannykong15

  • hi ella,my skype chiming325

  • HI ella...how about 44 yrs ?

  • Hi Ella,

    I am in my early 40s, married. I also like to find a nice lady to become my regular and stable sp. I am sincere, caring, easy going and considerate. I am also educated and mature. Physically, I am fit, healthy, tall and decent looking. If you think I am the type you want, please add me at wechat, plko1234. Hope to hear fromyou soon.

  • ella, i am 33

    wechat ianmoone2011

  • Hi Ella

    I am 39 years old

    Like to apply be your sp, I am skillful and experienced

    Wechat ID: milonguy

  • hi,ella

    i am 35 years old 178 cm tall 148 lbs

    may I ?

    wechat : fh2328

  • Hi Ella,

    i am 35 years old, 178cm tall, lived in HK side, married but no kids, no SP at the moment, only planning to find 1 SP that matches and keep for long.

    I would not commend on my sex skills as it mainly depends on feeling and understanding of each other.

    Hope to talk to you soon

    wechat: hkwehk

    skype / email: hellohowareyou@she.com

  • Hi Ella,

    For sure there are many applicants to your lovely post. Are you serious as what you posted ? Anyway, I try my luck. here is my skype MYLUCK@LIVE.HK Wechat can be provided if needed.

    I am a mature man with KIND HEART.

  • Dear Ella

    Good afternoon, nice to meet you, I guess you are a nice and pretty young lady who want to enjoy the nice feeling in sex. No worry that I am a nice one to you, cos I am a mature man who have strong body, nice skill to chase you great, also have many nice and creative idea to share with you together, you must enjoy with me, Also I will care with your feeling & heart in anytime, you will become wonderful & enjoyable with me too. Sorry that I work in office now, can't chat with you here, if you don't mind, please add my wechat to see how match we are.

    wechat: colorful0life14

    Anyway, wait for you there to let you know how nice I am, thanks in first and see you soon,

    Ella, have a good day!

  • Hi Ella,


    skype id: heyeahman

  • Hi ella

    I am a 33 gebtle guy


    180 lbs

    Have car easy to go

    Time flexiable

    Interest add me wechat :mk10971

    skype :skyman10971

  • just one thing only, I guess you don't mind to give me a pocket money to buy LV in every month.

    leave your wechat if you serious.

  • LV = 7k? per time?

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