Stock investment and pretty ladies

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  • 小弟初黎步到,係忽然慶起,唔知規矩,得罪莫怪。




  • Anyway,講股,又講下女,朋友都成日問料,但我地做呢行,點會隨便講呢d,所以定下規矩,只比料靚女,大家賺錢又出黎搞下野,各取所需嘛。不過包生仔我唔做,輸錢勿插,有人比料,都要自己研究架。




  • 呢度除時有broker自動比料啦,使鬼你咩又唔包生仔

  • Hi,

    I am also working in investment field, anyone would like to have some sharing pls email me , so that we can exchange wechat.

  • 首先,我唔係broker,亦非來自任何證劵公司。上面post已經好清楚。




  • There are tons of forums giving out the daily/near term watch list and their pick perform very well. Why you think we would like to fxxk you for stuff which is free in the market? There is free lunch and then there is no free lunch in the world.

    Wake your fxxk up.

  • it's your choice if you take or leave it. there is definitely liberal.

  • Isn't my message text self explanatory enough? Dream on.

    I hope other women won't fall for your lame deal.

  • what is the deal? stupid person claimed there was a deal but i am not 100% what exactly the deal is?

    anyway, go to pick those daily advice if you like and simply leave this if you don't like this. don't waste your time here if you don't find it is where you should be.

  • It's in simple English and the message is very straight forward , it doesn't take a genius to understand it, does it? Whoever takes your bait can consider herself stupid.

  • U have wechat?

  • Did I get the msg correctly, that u want to "buy" sex in a sugar coated way???

    This is hilarious, really.

  • 又一招溝女,有錢比就話啫,又要自己攞錢又要比你刁。c9sin ! 白痴!

  • Instead of paying for sex, the host is looking for someone gullible but hopeful to do him in exchange of some stock numbers which he probably snatches off somewhere on the net. And the best part is, he has put the disclaimer upfront that these (so-called insider) tips have no guaranteed yield on ROI.

  • Hi Goddess

  • This guy is just unbelievable. LOL

  • i guess people are either offensive by nature or they simply can't read chinese. please, ladies and gents - no hint to say "exchange" is asked. sorry you got all wrong and tried to put your fxxking blame against people. all the message for this host is the tips are for ladies only. isn't that clear? when and where did it mention to "exchange"? making money and having fun are not an exchange - the only prerequisite is tips for ladies, period. for anything further, it's not part of the deal.

    and whatever, clever folks, take it easy and relax. if you don't like the idea, go away and here is not for you for wasting your time.

  • When I was 6, my father teach me what is commodity market and furthers, and the first stock I invest was Microsoft and I was only 9. The common topic for my family dinner every night is worldwide economic & finance. Unfortunately, we never believes in some shxt call "tips" or "hints". As we all know the profit will be impact in negative if the action "go to public" in advance, and in this case some one will be punish in finance prospective or......"damage in physical". So if you are really in this industry, I will strongly recommend you zip up your mouth, and you can still keep you dick. If you are not in the industry, please be a bit mercy, some ladies are working very hard for their day job, and they just want to get some comfort in here and a bit relax. They can't afford losing money in this way..

  • as said, darknight, everybody has its choice and if what i proposed is not along your thought or life style, it's fine and i respect that. after all we intend to have fun from here, anyhow.

    enjoy your evening.

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