Who are you?

  • You have changed a lots. I feel unfamiliar with you, now you became a very emotional person, always jealous others, don't want other perform better than you, even they are your younger cousins, sisters and brothers, and relatives. You love the emblarzonment from others, especially from your parents. However, your parents seldom or never be laud you, i know you feel quite sad about this, because it seems no one agree your presence and no one cares about you. I really hate this feelings because i love to stand under everyone's spotlight. This kind of feeling burden me in do many things. Therefore, i want to change this, however it is hard to make a change because it is my personality. I should tell you to relax, don't care about how the others comment on you, you have your own life and you should live for yourself, not others!!!! I hope you can keep this in mind. No need to feel sad if you cannot do this, just keep a change to yourself, try and try and try, I think you must see the change. Don't give up even you face any challenges and cherish everyone in your life, because they are the people who come to teach you somethings. Don't hurt them and treasure them please! Relax, relax and relax!
    You have your own life, the others have their own life. Nothings can use to compare and you should not compare because you must have something better than them. You also need think it in your own, everyone have their talent, don't always use you study at a band 1 school to compare you are better and have a feeling that you are 'higher' than others. Relax, relax and relax, everyone have their talent, you just need to behavior good and win yourself, have a improvement compare to the 'yesterday you'. You think you can have a more comfortable and relaxing life. and you should always say thank you to god who give you every things and give many challenges to me and make you strong! Thank you and love you, God!

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