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    Fashion designers have realized that girls come in all shapes and sizes, and the variety of plus-size dresses on the market for prom has exploded to accommodate such a wide variety of body types. Every lady deserves to look and feel her best on prom night. By following a few guidelines, she can be sure to pick the ideal dress for her body, no matter how it's shaped.

    Many young women's fashions are designed with the hourglass figure in mind, so finding a prom dress will be easiest, even in large sizes. Cinched waistlines, bare shoulders and satiny fabric all look attractive on this body type.

    Top-heavy women need extra support and coverage in the chest area, so it's a good idea to pick something with enough structure to offer protection and support. Strapless dresses might be too difficult to keep on comfortably, so look for something with straps and a modest neckline instead. Alternately, draw attention away from the bust by accenting the hemline of the dress.

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    Women who are pear shaped have gentle curves, wide hips and thighs. Because women with this body type have more weight on their lower bodies, the ideal dress will accent her bust while allowing her hips to speak for themselves. Look for dresses with form-fitting tops and A-line or full skirts.

    Apple-figured women have most of their weight in the upper body without necessarily being busty. Many also have beautifully-sculpted, athletic legs that beg to be showed off in a short-skirted dress. Raising the waist line can help to break up the lines of the torso and provide more contours. Empire waists are the best style for this body type.

    Ladies with slender frames can accent their bust lines or hips with contoured stylish prom dresses. Wrap-style dresses and those with belts or sashes can also promote the appearance of curves and add fun texture to a dress. Full skirts and lots of frills can also look right on girls of this body type.

    Short women can look taller and leggier by choosing dresses with asymmetrical hemlines and short dresses. Many petite-size young ladies look especially pretty in delicate feminine styles. They may need higher heeled shoes to accent the look, but heels too high will be uncomfortable.

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    The key to dressing to body-type is accentuating a woman's best features. By showing off her best features, any woman can look great and feel amazing in plus-size prom dresses or anything else she chooses to wear.

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