19th holes

  • seeking partner for the 19th holes, my skype: longwaydown@live.hk

    PS# any guy in she.com play golf?

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    台灣一名童姓男子,早前利用手機通訊app WeChat搭訕一名13歲少女Vicky(化名),並騙Vicky自動奉上多張自拍裸照。



  • Yes, I do play golf and indeed enjoy the "green". How many strokes do you need to finish a round? I mean in a 18 holes course. ^^

  • golfer

    I play The Golf Club in PS4. Save that heat and play it cool in my flat

    wechat = likewitty

  • what I mean is girl's holes.

    I booked 19 young ladies and would like to share

  • 18 hole between 80-90, what about u? Yes, same to me, super enjoy on the green

  • i am good in short game, how about u?

  • sorry, i never play tv game

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