I miss you, Tina

  • I want through this message board to say Sorry to Tina. Within this 2 days communication, I have been fall in love to you and I really want to develop a Long Term Relationship with you. I also hope you can participate Orbis - Moonwalkers with me to walk in the dark night.

  • I miss you too, Jackass!

  • I love you too. I trust you have fallen for me after chatting with me for 2 days only. Have you also told these other girls you are missing that you want to make babies with them, and that you are allergic to condoms?

    From your gullible spring chicken

  • I Need sex now

  • I would like to say Sorry If someone hurt you before.

    But I am not the one you want with sex

  • 挑...講咁多, 咪又系想小西!

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