Mature Ladies C'mon In ;)

  • Hi board, was just wondering whether anyone wants a talk with a tall, young guy who likes music, fine art and good wine? Add me on wechat: jacklondonwolf, line: seal6hk or skype: if you are interested;) Looking forward to chat with you all!

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  • there's no need to open a new thread every day. this board doesn't have that many visitors. we've seen your post. if we're interested, we'd write.

    what do you know about music, fine art, and good wine after all?

  • Well I probably know less than you I suppose. I only have my favorite composer and conductor, played a fair bit of classical music myself, went to galleries all over the world, befriended a few visual artists and got certified for tasting. I suppose that's not much for you;)

    And by the way...I believe in the power of advertisement, especially when we are talking about a meat market.

  • you sound more interesting when you are in a conversation. i take that to mean that you need to work on your advertisement.

  • And for your information...rhapsody in blue is my favorite piece of Gershwin, love that clarinet trill opening haha

  • i'm hearing impaired so music is really beyond me. the good thing is i won't buy a stereo system that will cost me an arm and a leg.

  • Sorry to know about that! Well...stereos can be cheap and good as long as you dare venturing into the mainland abyss of Taobao;)

  • i think i made you uncomfortable. sorry.

    tell me about the visual artists and their work, if you would.

  • No worries:)

    Well I am more of an impressionist so I prefer looking at works of Manet and Monet, but I love Holland artists as well haha. A few years back when The girl with a pearl earring (Johannes Vermeer) was on I actually flew to Tokyo just to look at it, a bit nuts I suppose. Didn't regret at all thought, just read that the home museum in Holland will never let in on loan again.

  • it's perfectly normal to travel to see a piece of art. i once traveled to London for 3 days just to see an exhibition on the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

    it's good chatting with you. i have to go now. good evening.

  • Good evening to you as well! It is a nice chat;)

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  • push!

  • good day.

    some say impressionist art is only good for decorating living rooms. what do you say about that?

  • 咁文藝!

  • 有興趣者,專家就應該唔係:)

  • so you have nothing to say about impressionist art being merely living room decoration?

  • Well to me art can be only art;)

  • why do you like impressionist art the most then? why not renaissance? not post-modern? not even post-impressionist?

    even you are just a casual observer and no expert, there must be something about impressionist art that captures you, so you don't think it's just interior decor. i am interested to know what that is. because frankly, impressionism is an unusual choice for a young guy. it's very much like ice wine to a wine connoisseur, in my humble opinion.

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