Would that be you?

  • How are you?

    Hope you have a good start of the weekend. I am a mature woman and looking for a long term partner; which can share life, enjoy movies, good food together.

    Trying my like here, leave me a short background and see whether I can feel you from your writings and chat privately. Leave your email or LINE?

  • Hi..

  • Line...93070094

  • 打錯左係fan760484

  • I am very mature too.

    Well I do like movie while I love plain cuisine.

    my email= neuro_toxin2003@hotmail.com

  • 25.2.2014

    Dear madam,

    Good evening. A gateway toward us a paradise is near from here today. Although we are not having this first step in between now, my hand go upon yours first. This evening, I deliver my invitation. I wish to have you to share our journey! A 48 years old gentleman from Hong Kong. You may reach me at alifejacket@hotmail.com. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Mr. Chan

  • Matureicy, nice to meet you, I am 36 yrs old.

    I enjoy watching movies, dining out trying good food or cooking at home.

    I have long for having a long term partner.

    I work as top management andiving by myself in Kowloon side.

    May you add my Line to chat further?

    My Line is blueskyer

  • i am 39,179cm,line: youichicheung

  • looking one is difficult, if any guy fit, i want one too

  • pinky replied at 2014-02-26 10:03 am


    looking one is difficult, if any guy fit, i want one too


    Hi pinky

  • I'd love to try but what I don't agree is by writing a few lines could lead to this kind of relationship! it takes time to get know each other and that's my point of view! anyway, here is my brief introduction, as 44 year old guy, 184 tall, 183lbs in weight, but that is nothing to my character! please add or email to simonip123@live.hk for further chat, thanks!

  • Hi there

    I am 46yrs old, I have experienced a lots in the past 20yrs, I do have so many to share and with that kind of experiences, I know how to care ppl. Life is short and we have spent a large part of it and we should try to enjoy our lives. Dont think that I am a sad ppl, but I am very optimistic now. I like good cuisine and nice movies with my partner, lets try to create a memorable experience and see where can we start

    my email is comfortableman@hotmail.com.hk

    hope to get your mail soon

  • Good Moring lady

    my line manlaw188

  • good evening, anyone here now?

  • I am here

    nice to meet you icy

  • hi




    skype seanlam3

    line seanlam2012

  • halo Icy,

    I'm 37, 6ft tall & ok gd looking

    I enjoy movies so much, pls add my LINE


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