all guys would just show up and disappear?

  • not easy to meet a right one......
    when you decide to try it out......have a good start...but seems it changed....why...

  • Hardly stick on the same page all the time. Usually, I hang around different websites and facebook. When someone reply me, very likely, I'm not around here. When I came back, they also disappear. That's dignity.

  • missu,

    Shall we have a chat?

  • Im alfred, 30mid, about 176cm, 145lbs, decent looking.tall, strong and fit, decent, well-educated, nice, caring, non-smoking. Add my msn/skype: . Hope we can chat or meet up some time .



  • 25.8.2013

    Dear missu,

    Good morning. It is hard to say. As you said he has a sudden change upon you. Barrier or barriers are seen. He wishes to escape at this point from you. Do not ask him about! I suggest both of you a period of time (say a month) no appointment. His answer will be given if he will return.

    Mr Chan

  • 因為佢地都唔係認真想發展,又或者相處落覺得大家唔啱咪縮沙

  • missu,

    Not knowing the details of your case, I may say one possibility is that you have tried to be cautious with cyber dating and so engaged in a lengthy cyber communication before deciding to meet up, believing that you can get a better chance to know a person and distinguish the good guy vs the bad guy.

    Unfortunately, you may fall into the trap like most others who have tried this strategy, and the process ended up with building up unreal cyber fantasies in you and him. Thus, when the moment of truth comes and you meet each other, the bubble just burst. Why you have a good start --- maybe you have done a good screening so the guys are courteous and don't show their disappointment during the meeting, and yet they are not interesting to go forward.

    There are many other possibilities of course, e.g. if they find out you are not their cup of tea, or even they consider you have personality issues (Princess syndrome, etc.). It does not mean there are issues with you; it could be just a misfit, or they are looking for ONS/SL/SP and you are not.


  • waste time biych

  • sue replied at 2013-08-25 10:32 am




    你好有心得咁喎! 因為曾經有類似經驗?

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