free for 4 weeks

  • Hello all

    Long time havent stop by here.

    i am free and looking for a lady start with casual chat

    Male 33 yrs old


  • hi, are you rich?

  • hello, r u poor?

  • very poor, if u offer me 10k per hour, I can let u touch my hand

  • 46 Lady replied at 2013-06-18 2:00 pm


    very poor, if u offer me 10k per hour, I can let u touch my hand


    46 Lady, 乜西夥, 吊你老母臭西呀......

  • Am no rich so cant afford 10k per hour

  • Hi nosy

  • hello dre, must be nice to hv 4 weeks off, any plan for vacation?

  • Hi nosy

    No plan for vacation. Between, are you attached?

    Looking for anything specific here?

  • Hi dre,

    yes i'm attached. am not looking for anything here, am just nosy.

    and you? attached n looking for something specific?

  • Nosy

    I am attached. Not specifically looking for anything. My post pretty much say it all. Looking for interesting ppl start off casual chatting n will see

    Any interest for you?

  • oh I forgot wht the thread said already, let me check again.. hehee...

    so do u prefer we just chat here?? I'm just too lazy to get into those email things.. if u dunt mind.

  • Nosy

    Sure. Hows your day? Do you chat during office hour?

    Wht you like to do for fun (when not with your man) lol...

  • Dre

    my day was good as usual, n u?

    normally i chat in the afternoon, but not sure about this weekend, am flying out tmr.

    I don't hv much fun things (not fun 4 men anyway), maybe window shopping, cooking, hangout a bit with ppl.

  • wht time do u usually online??

  • Nosy

    You have some mess up hours, am seeing you replied at 2am.....

    Leaving town for work? Have a good trip.

    Am usually go online when i get times.

    Ohh.. btw, age? Am 33 so u ger ger or mui mui? Lol

  • hm... i'm afraid i'm mui mui by age, but ger ger by the look :( u know, guys seem never age.

    am 30, turning 31 (sobbing..)

  • Ha, its cool. Dont matter as long as we share same thoughts n interest. 31 is a good number. Sound sexy.. lol

    Hey, wanna drop a wechat, msn easier to chat. Just drop me a email.

    Btw, apologize for replying late.

  • Nosy, having a good trip so far?

  • No one so this thread..and nosy not in town....

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